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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Apparently the key to being shredded is to live in Texas. That’s ironic since Texas has five finishers in the top 50 fattest cities in America.

@jackolee, I’m just having a big ol glass of wine. It’s a fruit, right?


so it turns out I don’t know how to use this site. I can’t figure out where to see people’s emails. mines charlietipton at gmail. or my instagram is tiptonstrong.


I emailed you


Absolutely! In Texas a normal glass of Wine is 12 oz. That not the case everywhere???


It’s damn sure my glass of wine!

My city was 31st on the list in ‘17 and I found one where we’re 23rd for’ 18. We know how to eat here. I’m pretty sure restaurant is the most popular business choice - and they’re damn good.

I meant to come home and eat pancakes after my workout this morning and it never happened. I ate them for dinner so I basically skipped a meal or two. Two big glasses of wine ought to do me good. With any luck I’ll still see a new lower number in the scale in the morning!

Now it’s time to watch season two of The Punisher.


Stupid strong, love the socks.

Reminds me of the 23 reps of squats.


You’ve made some solid beard gains.


Your beard reminds me of Jim the anvil neidhart.
What a badass dude. You too are a badass dude.
Therefore there must be a direct correlation between beards and being badass.


Don’t think you can view other people’s email address. You can only see yours on your profile


My macros are currently:

For a total of 2,275 split across 4 meals.


ibe Found others emails on their profile… hmm, maybe there’s some sort of privacy setting. Who knows


Heres today’s breakfast. Well ok it’s everyday’s breakfast lol. I’m a fan of a lot of food in the morning to get the metabolism working right off the bat.

Egg whites, 1 whole egg,(yeah I know it’s weird to put ketchup on eggs… but it’s no sugar added ketchup) 3/4 cup black tar heroin (instant oats with stevia), 3-4 cup fat free cottage cheese, strawberries, turkey bacon, and a nasty drink with leucine, arginine, and NAC.

I try to chug that down first so I can actually enjoy my coffee afterwards lol


Definitely not weird to put ketchup on eggs. I do that too. If you’re down to try something different, you could put jam onto your cottage cheese, that tastes great.


This was today’s breakfast. Much different than what I’m used to, but like I said in my log I wanted to not eat eggs for a couple of days and see how my gut reacts.
Cottage cheese with jam, tortilla with ham and cheese, and cream of oats.

And here’s today’s lunch. Rice with chicken beast, carrots, and olive oil. I have this every other day and alternate with rice and salmon. Veggies change every day, although I usually prefer tomatoes when I have fish.


Since when? I mean, I don’t really like ketchup in general but eggs seems like a perfectly normal thing to use it on.


Umm, are you eating a quart of cottage cheese, or is this 3/4 cup? I like cottage cheese as much as the next person, but I don’t think I could choke down that much in one sitting…


That in the picture definitely doesn’t look like 4 cups lol


I dont know if I should continue to bulk or just stay at 180 and gain strength.


depends on long term goals.


LOL, I’m at work right now, and we use and old version of IE for our web browser, so pictures don’t load for jack.