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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Asked my friend for snack suggestions and he said pop tarts. Been eating 3 packs (1200 calories) a day. I WILL gain these last 3 lbs and become obese!

I would run 45-70 miles a week year round back in my competitive running days. Everytime I hear, “you can’t out work a bad diet” I just think, “maybe YOU can’t but I have.”


According to a couple of online calculators I would burn between 150-200 calories per mile ran. I feel like I could pretty easily outeat that.


150-200 X 10 and that’s 1500-2000 calories.


Yeah exactly. That’s a pizza.


I believe you meant poop tarts, a nod to @robstein.


But the pizza and running cancel out to 0. You’d have to have another 2k+ just to maintain weight.

I can eat an entire pizza in 1 sitting but a full day of eating after that doesn’t happen without a little effort.


Here’s a staple of mine. Looks like a bowl of vomit but I like it. Jambalaya brown rice, pulled chicken, green beans and hot sauce… oh yeah and a shaker of whey.

Been sick the past few days for the first time in probably 1.5 years so everything tastes like cardboard anyway. Struggling just to get the calories in lol


I did that back over Labor Day weekend. A whole pizza was fine, but the tiramisu afterwards put the hurt on me



So, people at work say I look like Nick Offerman when I have mustache, just skinnier.


I’m cutting on 2200 cals and 180 protein. I try to divide the protein equally between 4 meals. 3-day workout split with yoga every day. I am a water fiend - I’d say I’m drinking at least 1.5 gallons per day.

How’s your cut going?



2400 calories

Timing: I try to get 150g of protein before 4 PM. I limit my fat intake as much as possible until dinner.

No pre or post anything…most training done first thing in the morning after a double espresso.

Water is not something I ever track or think about.

Splits: arms and shoulders every day


So far so good… Its a new approach for me, as I’m trying to maintain/increase size and decrease body fat. Since I started in early December, arms and calves are up 1/4-1/2 inch. Shoulders up 1 inch. Chest up 1.5 inches. Waste down 1 inch. Weight down 7lbs.

300/250/35 for around 2500 calories split into 7 meals. 1.5-2 gallons of water per day.

Training 6 days. Push, pull, shoulders, rest, push, pull, legs and shoulders


Damn nice progress man


Thanks buddy! Cutting is so much more of a mental game than anything. It’s so easy to justify a meal or a drink, or nah I won’t do cardio today. Stay strong bro!


I missed some meals today so I’m having a drink!


Have one for me too! I do miss the adult beverages :joy:


I was pretty much there yesterday. Big Tex gym, just NW of Austin, lol.

you’re so close to me man. Come over to Metroflex Plano sometime and train with me!


so this is obviously not a progress picture, but I figured this would be a decent place to share, along with putting it in my log. I competed yesterday in the Middleweight division, weighed in at 207 fully dressed with keys phone and wallet in my pockets. Weight class was <220. Ended up taking 2nd overall, 1st on this event. This was 485 for 13 reps with an axle bar. One of my top 5 single-event performances to date in my strongman career.


For sure dude! Shoot me an email. It’s on my profile and we can coordinate. Would be fun!