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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



And Im still gaining weight perfectly, went from 176 when this started to 181 currently. Not much fat gain either.


Actually I think prone refers to the position of your wrists/hands.


You’re thinking of pronated/supinated.


Regained the lost weight from break, back up to 182. 3lbs from obese but not a huge appetite since November, going to try to maintain weight until my comp in March then cut, I just want to let myself be hungry to reset a bit.


No, you don’t. It’s not enjoyable. I’m hungry most days and one day of loosening up or just being oblivious adds three pounds to the scale.


Haha I think I’m just deep enough into bulk season where I’ve hit a wall and it’s getting old, I bet I’d drop 3-5lbs if I only ate when I wanted to right now and then another 5 with some intentional effort. After 2-3 months of that intentional effort I’ll be where you’re at and swing back the other way.


In only 15 pounds below my top weight and in tired of cutting. These last 10 lbs are going to be tough. Okay, my idea of tough isn’t close to what some people do to lose weight. I just have a big appetite - always have. To bulk/gain, all I do is stop tracking my food and eat what I actually want. It’s not hard to gain weight.

225 lbs is my initial goal but if I don’t like what I see then I’ll have to keep going.

My wife is being helpful - she bought a double pepperoni pizza for a quick dinner tonight and it’s 350 calories per slice. I ate two. That’s a nice snack but it’s not dinner. I get to go hungry the rest of the night as punishment.


Just checking in, going in the opposite direction to everyone else.


I think for me it helps that my top weight and sub 10% bodyfat are only 10-15lbs apart. The benefit of being a 5’6 manlet. My appetite also just seems to shut off when I get near 15%, I think my body just likes to be naturally leaner.

I’ll keep shoveling down a box of sugary cereal everyday and think of your struggle


Nope, that’s the same direction I’m going. Not intentionally though.


And I’ll keep skipping breakfast! I’ve read that I should eat breakfast but I’m a believer of calories in vs calories out (for the most part). The longer I put off my first feeding, the less time I give myself to eat/overeat.

I was 217 in Dec 2017 before my hip surgery. I was pretty lean by my standards. I’d like to get back to that but I’m hoping I’m 220-225 this time. 234 this morning.


I just use Quaker one minute oats. 3/4 cups of oats, 1.5 cups water. Squirt of stevia, cinnamon, and some sugar free syrup. To me it’s delicious!


Lol, so here’s the take on one minute oats - processed as fuck. Add in an artificial sweetener (Stevia), might as well just inject heroin.

I know that’s pretty extreme, but, regular oats are way less processed, don’t really take longer, and honey is way mo betta than Stevia.

Try to be as natural as possible, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do, and one minute oats isn’t worth it.

Rolled oats don’t take much longer (steel cut is a different story), and rolled oats are much more healthy.

Honey versus Stevia, no contest.

Just my .02


Many people find that their hunger doesnt even really start until they begin eating in a weird way. Meaning if they eat breakfast at 8 they will be hungry at 12-1, but if they skip breakfast they dont ever really get that real hunger late in the day (evening). Its kind of a weird counter intuitive thing


My wife is this way. I’ll get home from work around 6pm and she’ll finally be hungry after consuming nothing more than 2 cups of coffee.

I, on the other hand, will wake up at 4am with my stomach growling.


I’m this way. Breakfast at 6am and I’m starving at 9. I wake up hungry some days but if I don’t eat then it kind of goes away.


True they’re not quite as solid. Precooked flattened to be thinner and a GI load of 18 rather than 15. Same macros too. I can totally see the comparison to heroin! I agree that honey is great, I simply don’t like it.

Well I just shot up my processed and sweetened fix for the day so I guess it’s time to get my 8% body fat ass on the recumbent bike before I lift! Lol


I got scared and went and looked up the type of oats that I buy. Thank goodness mine are one and a half minute oats. More like sniffing paint than injecting heroin I assume?



I use 1 scoop (1/4 cup) quick oats in my breakfast shake. I’ve done both quick oats and regular rolled oats, but with quick oats I only need to let it sit for a couple of minutes after I shake it up, and it’s good to go. whole rolled oats take longer, and steel cut oats I would have to make my shake the night before.


Daily breakfast for me is 1/2 cup oats, cinnamon and Stevia, then 1 cup plain greek yogurt w/ 1T peanut butter. I prefer quick oats, more final volume vs. the regular oats. Every bit of extra fullness helps when cutting down