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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



hey nice challenge, im in!


I’m still here guys, just a lot going on that past week… personal shit. I’m not gonna air my dirty laundry online and depress everyone. Minor setback just I’m still in, I’ll be back at it proper from Sunday. @jackolee, if I get anywhere near your before picture I’d be absolutely delighted. You look the finished article already bud.


There was this one guy on here 2 weeks ago who rubbed gels on his dick to try to make it bigger. He got flamed lmao.


The only thing I’m not really fond of being concerning a curvy lady, is how much my boobs take away from being able to see my upper body development. I have no idea how my chest muscles look. Like at all lol.


If that was aimed at me @Yogi1 then I thankyou. I’ve never really tried to take too much fat away so I’ll be interested too. Lol


I’m finding a direct correlation with the quality of my workouts and the amount of five finger death punch I listen too while I lift


Great band. I like ‘Battle Born’, ‘Blue On Black’, ‘Far From Home’.


While looking for inflamed. Ironic


Dot your Eyes, The Pride, Under and Over it and Boots and Blood are my personal go-tos


I wouldn’t encourage snacking. I’d suggest embrace the hunger, with the expectation that it will eventually subside. Snacking will mostly just make you more hungry.

An apple is a good option though. Or just drinking water so you have something with volume in you.

As for my transformation… meh. nothing substantial yet, but I have to say, my strength across the board is better than it’s ever been, and I’m staying very lean, at 205 lbs. I had hoped by next week I’d be closer to 210, but I spent about a week out of this month eating poorly from being under the weather. Most importantly though, I feel great. And that’s something I’ve realized is pretty essential to making quality gains.


To appease the sweet tooth…1 cup Fat free cottage cheese, 2 T PB2, no calorie chocolate syrup

+1 for pickles


Sugar free jello if you aren’t dogmatic about artificial sweeteners. Put some super low calorie whipped cream cream on that bitch and it’s not a bad snack.

Be warned, xylitol bombs my stomach on a good day. Let alone on a diet. You’ve been warned.


It seems like doing a transformation, which for me includes cutting out alcohol, just when your mother in law comes to stay for a month is a very very very very very very very very very BAD idea. Somebody save me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


A friend once told me that this really helps with mother-in-laws.


Or meth, It’s low calorie also which is a bonus.


A big dude who used too compete that goes to my gym told me he actually used crystal meth to cut before shows.


Can confirm


OR it could make you threaten the police with a machete and get your ass shot! (True story)


@ChickenLittle that would give you a good bit of time away from the mother in law!

@vvfoo that’s some out of the box thinking


Losing your teeth would also probably help you not snack