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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I’ve gained two pounds and my BF has gone up a point.

Starting off well I think.


Doesn’t line up with my goals at all just now, but actually probably will next year! Not saying i’d Do it, but there might actually be a chance this time


I was one of the earliest to post before pics so have had like 2.5 weeks. Was about 174 and 167 this morning. Measurements are going up and calipers are going down so I’d say pretty solid. Lots and lots of water so feeling pretty full.

Here’s a few days ago




… I’m going to call these your official after photos…


Hahahaha! Nope… this shreds gonna be a big one!


You look amazing man


How tall are you?

Can’t see your jawline, are you natty bro?


What does his jawline have to do with anything? Jackolee was already pretty dialed in and on point with his before photo, was just unflexed. Whether he is ‘natty’ or not is a loaded question, how but we just agree buddy has a stellar physique instead of trying to bring pharma topics into the thread?

Sorry, I just hate the natty or not thing. Nobody has anything to gain from answering and it takes away from just being able to say guy looks awesome by bringing it up in the first place.


Its a persistant meme here after I was featured on a “nattyornot” Reddit and that was a critique leveled at me. Mentioned it on the previous flame free thread and folks found the reddit thread.


Lol, dude, he’s just fucking around


I just got back from Texas where we ate non-stop. Not even gonna step on the scale for a week or two.


Yeah, it’s an inside joke, sort of. There was a big discussion about how to tell if a guy is natty or not - shoulders because of androgen receptors, jawline, really kind of ridiculous. Kind of like the fat free mass index, and including a sneaker in a pic to determine scale.

The guy is fucking ripped, almost afraid to see his after photo.

Bringing the natty or not question was actually meant as a compliment. He looks so fucking good that questioning his natty or not status is a compliment. Even if he is not natty, he’s swole AF. And even enhanced, he’s impressive.

People forget that injecting T doesn’t get you ripped or swole - you still have to hit it in the gym and eat well.

FWIW, I’ve been on T-Nation for a few years, not as long as you, but for a lot of us, natty or not is kind of a moot point. I’m openly not natty, and not swole AF. Decent shape for a 55 year old man, but def not swole.

I apologize if you missed the intended humor, and totally respect your response.

BTW, what’s your jawline look like? Post a pic with a sneaker, lol.

Just fuckin wit ya bro.


Are you sure you know how before pictures work??

Very impressive


Yeah totally misread that haha. Right now I’m the forum version of a snickers commercial.


@Waittz i got no problem answering. No not totally. Not juiced to the hilt either though. I’m a TRT guy. I’m 5’9” and depending on the day 170ish. Thanks guys! Now go hit the gym… I already did!


To be fair I bulked all fall up to 183 and started cutting before the official start date. Didn’t think it would be fair to after the fact post my heaviest picture from 11/30. I’m a total ectomorph so it’s keeping the mass that’s hard for me lol


No worries brother. There are so many nuances to internet forums, and I’m guilty as well.

Glad there are no hard feelings.


:+1: for vitamins, but another really simple thing to do is to like triple the amount of hand wang you do. Makes a big difference


Dude, you look great. The height was a question because you look a lot like @flipcollar, but he’s like 205.

I’m coming off TRT, so down to 179 at 6’1", and no where near your muscularity.

All good.