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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Is it a 6 months or a 5 months transformation. Jan to July 1 is 6 months.


I ate him


It’s January 1 to June 1. Kindly take your chronological nitpicking elsewhere, sir. (But, uh, yeah. It’s whatever that works out to.)


I’m in, and I’m going to be muchhhhhhhhhh larger then I was in June this year


@Chris_Colucci, can Mark throw up a pic in June to keep him eligible for most improved 2020? I mean the guy is on a plan that’s much bigger than a year or five months and I think he’s earned the right to be included in future comps.


Me too. It’s all muscle right? :roll_eyes:

Yeah me neither.


I’m in for sure!


Always in for a good competition


Mate, thank you. Let’s hope your idea gets green light.


I’m in. I’m not going to cut or bulk or anything. Just continue eating and training and submit a photo anyway.



I’m in! My bulk will be finished soon then after a bit of maintenance time I’ll be cutting for my birthday at the end of April.


I’m in. Gained 5kg of LBM since June and currently pretty lean. Plan is to work hard on the strength gains over the coming months on a very slight surplus. Let’s see what happens.


Ive been in lurker mode for a while, but im in this year.

I actually am in a 12 weeks weight loss thing at work, so I’m hoping to mop up those noobs, win some cash, and then cruise into June 1 with that momentum.

I’m in it to win it this year, Second baby coming in May so this may be my last year for a few years to selfishly devote my “free time” to this endeavor.


You can’t shut it down! I’m hoping you mean you might not be able to dedicate as much time to the gym (and not just shutting it down).


That’s awesome man, congratulations!


How does one submit their Before pic?


Yeah I just mean I wont be able to count on having all the time I want to do something like this, definitely still training, but if the new kid is anything like my current one my “free time” will be less reliable than it is now for about 2 years.

Between the feeding and the naps and taking care of my other kid and the wife it’s near impossible to be like “hey babe I need another half hour for cardio”


I’ve just started an attempt to do the bare minimum while improving my conditioning and Deadlift (running the daily dose program for that). Hopefully I’ll have some success and can help you out when the time comes.


Can we keep up our pre-existing logs or are new ones appreciated?

And, count me in.