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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I know it’s silly, but a tiny piece of me still gets hopeful when I see Yogi’s the latest post in this thread. Like, “He finally did it. Dude decided to be in and he’s gonna crush it.”

Open the thread and… … … no presents under the tree Christmas morning.


As far as training, dealing with my first real case of tendinitis (in the biceps. Shoulder’s been killing me for months) and it’s thrown me for a loop. Eating less cookies and Eggos, which is good. Doing minimal training, which is not good.


I’ve been taking 8000iu of Vit D for over 6 months now, and I’ve already had 3 colds just this winter…one lasted over 2 weeks. I’m happy to hear that it is working for you though!


I’ve had to admit defeat to myself and start tracking calories again. I quit weighing and measuring food months ago and it’s been great. Unfortunately, I can’t be trusted to eyeball my portions. I gained a couple pounds after my photo check-in and after two days of being hungry and coming in way under budget I’m finally below my starting weight. It looks like I’ll be obsessively using My Fitness Pal for the duration.

Nothing has been decided yet but I’m visiting my hip surgeon again next week. If my labrum is torn again then my transformation might end even earlier than June 1st. I’m in a hurry to reach my goal ASAP and if I think I’m there then I’ll throw up my “after” photo. I don’t care if it’s early.

I’ve been dealing with this off and on for years. My biceps tendon popped out of the groove in October and tore the tissue that holds it in place. Might be having surgery on that too.


Yogi has been catfishing us for a long time. ‘He’ is actually a middle aged Ukrainian woman using the public library internet.


I think you might be on to something here!


Man, both of these posts… My ‘after’ photo will be when I hit my goal or my medial epicondylitis or inguinual hernia that I never surgically repaired give out. Whichever comes first.


Glad I’m not alone! The downside is that I’ve already given up my favorite lifts - deadlifts and power cleans. Deads hurt my hip and cleans pop my tendon out of the groove repeatedly. I have to settle for high pulls and light (and probably horrendous looking) power snatches.


Only thing I’ve had to give up is the amount of weight I dead lift for fear of my lower intestine popping into my sack for the past few years, and pull ups. I did install a set of rings in the garage, and while the golfer’s elbow isnt gone, its not getting worse and I can do ring pull ups without having to voodoo floss for an hour afterwords just to hold a toothbrush.

We both know after 30, you are never going to be 100%, just praying for 90%.


Yes mate I nipped into Holland & Barrett yesterday and bought a couple of bottles of Vit D. Started off with 5 tablets a day but will bumping that up to 8 as of tomorrow.


One unintended side effect of this is that I’m “forcing” myself to play with my 2 year old more. I might not usually engage in ALLLL the little games he wants to play or for as long as he wants before, but if he wants to run around the house I run around with him now to get some calorie burn in.

#dadbod in full effect


Pretty good. Still haven’t gained much weight sadly but atleast I haven’t lost any. My diet is going steady atleast.


Thanks for that. I’ve spent most of the last two weeks in and out of hospitals with poorly babies. I reckon a total of 20 hours sleep since new years and at least 3 missed workouts on an already minimal schedule.

On the plus side, about 8lbs lost already.


Ahh yes the FML Diet, works quite well



I know it sucks, but I think this is really wise.

I’ve done all my workouts/ cardio (never the problem) and eaten my meals (usually the problem). I’m eating more frequently and higher-volume foods all day this go around… you know, like everyone says you should.
Anyway, I’m too full to screw it up with other foods so long as I keep shoveling what I’m supposed to down.


Haven’t missed a workout, hit my macro’s everyday. Wish I was on the “losing weight” goal as that’s easy. This “make muskles” crap is hard.


Have been nailing my diet, which would usually put me in a good surpluses, however given my increased output with running, cycling and now swimming, it’s probably only just maintenance. But my body is loving the extra caloriew and I’m recovering well


I have put on 2kg in the last couple of weeks. Understandable as I have been a greedy bastard!


I had surgery the other day so going to be taking it easy for at least a week and then will get back on it.

Been back actually tracking calories for the past week, currently eating around 3500 a day but will probably bump that up a little.

Training wise I need to get a little more structure going, been putting the work in but just lacking a bit of planned progression and maybe doing too much volume and going to failure to often.


Trying to regain lost weight over break. Was 168 in Aug, up to 183 early Nov, down to 178 2 weeks ago.

185 is the goal, that’s obese for my height. Had McDonalds last night for the first time in a couple years so hopefully that helps. Thinking about doing a 3 week minicut after my comp in March, probably be the lightest I’ll be over the transformation period