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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Man, if Jon Waters directed a movie based off the life of Jon Andersen, I’d so watch it. I can’t even imagine how mind blowing it’d be.


R.I.P me


When you guys mention Jon Anderson I can’t help but think “why would they be so willing to follow a program written by this guy”

Gladiators you will go on my first whistle.


Visions of Shadow, coked up eyeballs , brandishing those big ass cotton buds on Joust😂

Wolf power!!!


How is everyones first couple of weeks going? I’m doing pretty damn good myself, down about 6 pounds off my high weight already (although that weight was very inflated by massive carb and food intake the day before)


140.9kg today.

Steady weight gain, performance has increased. Feeling great

Whats your diet approach @Lonnie123?


First week consisted of relaxing in the sun, riding jet skis and having a go at wake boarding, whilst eating shit food and drinking heaps. I’d say my first week was definitely a win.


Carb/weight training deload. I only had 2 light soccer training workouts. Next week I’ll continue my bulk…


Basically so sick for the past week that I can barely eat solid food and I’m living off of hydrolized caesin shakes and nasal decongestant. Pants fit looser so there’s that.


the days of me showing progress after 2 weeks are loooong gone. But I will say, I’ve been doing a good job of eating enough to at least keep my bodyweight at 205-206. Still hoping to be closer to 210 in a couple weeks. My short term goal will be 215 by the beginning of March. I’ll probably post a picture if I hit that weight, I’ve never been that heavy in my life.


Adjustments, adjustments … Liking my current program (5/3/1 Rest Pause), though it feels weird to go from four workouts a week to two. Diet has been better in week two than it was in week one; I haven’t been this heavy for this long in quite awhile. Finally eating a decent amount of protein on a consistent basis - probably the best part of the first two weeks so far.


Fat loss is slower than I thought it would be but down 7 lbs off highest weight (only 5 since my before pic). My face already looks way thinner.

Dieting sucks. I had a spoonful of peanut butter yesterday and it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.


First 2 weeks have been whole body workouts to get myself used to working again after a 2.5 month layoff. Still significant DOMS for 2 days after each workout. I’m playing around with an upper/lower giant set and an accessory giant set, followed by a conditioning session, keeping the entire workout as quick as possible and the giant sets will contribute to my conditioning goals. Next week or the week after, I’ll test my maxxes and jump into an actual program.

Diet-wise, I’ve cut out all the junk, but not actively pushing a calorie deficit yet. Weight has gone from 204 to 201, but I see that much fluctuation regularly anyway, so I’m not going to call it weight loss until it’s sustained.


Its very similar to previous efforts… low carb with workout nutrition and a weekly cheat meal (after a few weeks to deplete)

The “big change” is I’m trying to eat less meat, so I’m relying more on (what I believe to be humane) eggs, and veggie patties instead of my formerly beloved beef patties.

Half of my protein powder is pea protein

Oh… and much, much less peanut butter. Honestly that’s the majority of my weight gain when I’m not actively watching cals


I gained about 4 pounds since I posted my before pic haha. 176lbs to 180lbs in about 15 days.Bulking hardddddd. Goal by the end of the T-Transformation is to be 185lbs while keeping my abs.


I am definitely out of my holiday eat-everything-drink-everything mode, but also back to the stresses of work. Had a couple bomb shells drop at work this week, and reminded me how stress affects sleep and energy. Still getting in the workouts, though.


I’ve done sweet fuck all in the last week.

Been hit with a nasty chest infection which has rendered me null and void.

It’s been a bit of an eye opener actually. I catch about 4 colds a year :roll_eyes:

No more!! Went out and bought a ton of vitamins, minerals and fruit. Also hit Aldi and loaded up on meat and veg.

I’m primed for action now. Probably go with 3/4 full body workouts a week with a couple of runs on top.

3 spin classes as well.

Partner is due to give birth next week as well so can imagine that’s going to be quite the work-around…


Just a reminder and friendly slap to people thinking that the first two weeks somehow magically are not as important to any other two weeks during this time span and just because June 1st is far away you have flexibility… . well math doesn’t work that way.

And this is a linear math competition despite what you may think. If you goal is fat loss, or muscle gain, your end result will be the cumulative sum of your surplus or deficit. Slacking on the diet or over eating on the bulk today means more work or less results at the end. I’d like to see all of us who put in before photos actually put in after photos.

Captain Obvious signing off.

Also, @Lonnie123 don’t ever try Peanut Butter Company’s White Chocolate Wonderful. A person can never unknow what it tastes like after trying it.


Mate I hate to be that guy but since I doubled the amount of vitamin D I was using to 8000iu I’ve not had more than a slight sniffle and I usually get colds all the god damn time.


Down 1lb. I’m also eating a lot more whole food, plant-based meals than my previous beef/rice diet.