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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



For real… I wish I stored my fat in some other area, or just more evenly, but it all goes right there. Back when I did my BBing show I was shreddddded to the bone except I still had some pinchable love handles


Yeah :smile::smile::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::cry::cry::sob::sob:


Bro, mine goes to my man tities, feel blessed.


That’s the place mine goes … The chest


Pics in my log.


@Chris_Colucci sorry for the pics being late. Wasnt in the gym much last week and forgot when i was.

Bodyweight 88kg. Plan of attack is: I’m following jon andersen’s deep water diet recommendations super high protein, High fat and low carb. Started his program today too. Time to get jacked juicy and tan


I currently have 61 Before pics.

Helluva field of contenders.


Jesus. It’s weird that 2018 had that lull and now it’s bigger than ever, I wonder how big this thing is going to get.


Crazyyy. Its nearly doubling every year.




A kNeE sLaPpEr! HAhaHahAhha


I keep seeing this around the internet and I am guessing it is some form of free flowing meme or something. Thanks for making me feel old and out of touch.


It never gets old.

Just sat with my twelve year old and told stupid jokes we have both heard a thousand times, couldn’t stop laughing.


You just became my favourite poster.


My wife and I still do this to each other. I don’t think it’ll ever get old :smile:


My fatass though this was lasagna.


That’s what she said?

Did I do one?



I’m cracking up laughing. After yesterdays squat session i couldn’t think straight!


I was hoping for his sake that you wouldn’t see that. :joy: