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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Been debating doing this again, but I think I’m going to throw my hat in if for no other reason than to keep the streak alive. I have a 1 month old at home and had a pretty rough holiday with both RVS and the flu spending Christmas in the hospital. But despite the lack of sleep and heavy stress, I am training really hard and have my nutrition in a pretty good place. I’ve been in a surplus calorie wise for several months and then lost most of the weight over the break with both being sick and dealing with 2 sick kids. So I’m not totally certain what I weigh right now. About 200 I’d guess. Just getting into the meat of a powerlifting hyper-trophy block trying to bring up my legs.


Your physique is awesome, man. You look like if a car crashed into you it’d Just bounce off


Okay, wasn’t going to do this but took some pics so might as well. Sorry for being late, so if I missed the deadline feel free to nix this entry.

Stats: 45 years old; 178 lbs. Got softer this past month.
Goals: Lean up a bit, continue to get stronger, don’t get hurt.


If it’s still ok to enter this challenge, I’m in this year :metal::v:

Age : 30
Height : 181cm / 5’11"
Weight : 86kg / 190lbs


A lot of solid physiques this year.


Fine. Here.

5 ft 0in, 187lbs.

I guess my legs got bigger? Idk. Lookin…thick? Idk. Lol


Idk man
Reading your comment just sent my mind straight to this

Meet “graham”


If I counted correctly there is 55 people in this for 2019, up from 24 in 2017 and 50 in 2018.


In. Came in at 207… I was about 195 in December and when I heard about my workplace comp, as mentioned before, I went nuts and ate like an asshole trying to pad the resume a little bit to make a more dramatic weight change. Love handled are slopping over and it hurts to look at these but here we go:


What THE ACTUAL HELL did I just see :joy:


Am I too late? Not sure what I’ll actually try to achieve this time


Nice arms and forearms, mate!


I’m putting my money on Lonnie to win this year. That’s such a great place to start for a contest like this, especially for someone who clearly knows how to get shredded.


It’s kind of a shame that during this period I won’t be cutting.

I have a feeling if my before/after looked like what I have in my log from my last fat loss phase, I would actually have a shot.


I hope so, let’s see if I can make it happen this year. Thanks man

PS - what do you do for your delts? They are impressive as hell


Thanks - as a keyboard warrior, these are my deadliest weapons.


It’s been mostly overhead pressing for the last few years. And some bench pressing. I do lateral raises for accessory work sometimes, that’s about the only other delt-thing I ever do.


What’s you’re frequency and volume like on the OHP? I had a rotator cuff issue from benching a while back but I’m back to like 95% and I really enjoy OHP and am looking to get back into it. I know they are good but I just can’t get excited about side laterals so I only do them occasionally


Holy shit.

My bet is on you. Please win. If not for the sake of the contest, just for the sake of an “after” photo that will help me un-see those love handles!

Good luck man, looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress here!


:joy: :joy: :joy: