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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Bawhahhaha! Of course!
Thank you! The bulk continues!


I rekon you have a real chance here. You already look great but a small change in body fat, some fake tan and good lighting and wham

Oh and happy birthday


Yeah, not kind, just truth.



Any chance that I can fire my before pics up tomorrow mate?




Thank you!

Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)

Get in as soon as you can, sure.


yea I’ll be getting mine in tomorrow as well. I tried to take my pictures a couple days ago at the gym, and my phone died in the process. oops. I’ll get it done tonight.


Jesus what a fucking palava getting these pics up.

Had to get the missus to do it…

Obviously not in support of my physique goals as I had to endure a barrage of Grindr jibes :rage:


Here goes:

current stats:
6’3" 208lbs
Goals for this Transformation: abz and gunz. :muscle::joy:


We have similar physique, you are a inch taller :wink:


Well my phone died at the gym again… So I had to take some in my bathroom. excuse the hair, I just woke up. Bodyweight 205 this morning. Hoping to be 215+ by the end of this contest.


What hair? That bit at the back? You are in denial mate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Looking Great nic for a before picture :+1:


Time for a full head and beard shave mate


Not the beard.

Never the beard.


I’ve spent most of the last 5+ years with a shaved head. Every now and then I grow it out for a bit. I’ll probably get rid of the hair soon enough. Beard stays though.


Disqualified for the shit-eating grin… damn lean people.

Hair’s the wrong color too. Should be a pink mohawk.


I was thinking shaved head and a really good moustache


My hair decided to desert me when still in school. Never got to experience hairstyles, it was straight to the razor


Unpumped, unflexed, unfed, but still look better than last year’s start :ok_hand: the week or so of dedicated holiday-ing definitely takes a toll though…