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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



They are Peppa pig ones, my wife and son have matching…

And that’s still less embarrassing than my legs!


I think they are adorable!


In 2017, we had 24 members enter, 17 members finish. In 2018, 50 members started it, 36 finished. I think I have about 41 Before pics for this year so far.


The competition is growing, more new people are joining.


31 years old.
Goal: Finish

Pictures taken on the 30th


I started a log but here’s my before pics


I’m in


Well since it’s my birthday and you only turn 50 once… why not!
But I’m telling y’all, you might as well give up now, cause I got this! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:
Not a snowballs chance in hell!
Weight: 120 lbs


Happy birthday ya sexy thang


Ah… Thanks Yogi!


I’ve been a ghost lately, but I’m in! Behold, the full Santa look!

And why are my pictures not showing up all the way unless I click on them? Never seen that before.

Oh, and:
Age: 53 (54 in 5 days!)
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 204#


Height: 6’4”
Weight: 217 (down 13 since 10/15)
Goal Weight: 190
I leave for Thailand in 7 days. I’ll be gone for 3 weeks, then I’ll be back at it.


You talk yourself down too much. You look fucking great. Love the vascularity, great legs. So you’re not booby, who cares. Champagne glass and all of that.

I know you’re not a girly girl, but seriously, stop talking shit about yourself. You remind me of me, lol.

TL;DR - you look great.


Thank you for the kind words.


I always wondered how could Santa carry that huge bag of shit. Now I know. Jacked Santa.


Ho ho ho! I was a lot more jacked 2 months ago. All the milk and cookies, you know…


Happy birthday :tada:


@Chris_Colucci I found a mirror with a little more space so I could get my legs in the pic, can we use this for my before instead of what I posted earlier.


Thank you!


My legs?! Lol

Happy birthday, your looking great!