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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



What the hell, I’ll throw my hat in the ring @JMaier31 I can’t promise the changes will be lean though


Good to see you jump in @MarkKO,
You know there is a skinny dude waiting to get out !!


He’s in for a long wait


Weirdly, I’m not in it to win but to stay accountable. I’ve dieted so much lately that I feel completely effed so I’m taking a while off from dieting to let my body recover. Will try to not gain too much fat in the interim and hopefully I’ll feel well enough in a few weeks/months to lean out a little for the beach season.


Not the best pic I know as the lighting is a bit dodgy but it’s in the same place as previous pics.
Complete with festive trousers. 77kg currently, lost a fair bit of leg size so weight has kinda balanced out despite feeling much bigger up top.


Crap, I’m in. It might just be me going from skinny fat to all out fat, but going to see what I can do. I want to get bigger, and leaner. Should be easy, right.

Here’s my pic from tonight - looks pretty much the same as all of the other ones I post - nothing seems to change.

Ight, I’m 182 and 14% according to hand held BIA (18% more likely). The goal is to be 185 and 12% by the deadline.


Here’s my current mess. 6ft and 193. Goal is definitely fat loss and hopefully some strength gain.


Coming in at 87kg/191 lbs, 180cm/5’11". Main goal is to reach strength goals, and then cut down for the end of this challenge.




Good luck everyone.


This thread needs more fatties and I’m happy to oblige.
29yo till 04/14
Goal: ab veins, 3 less double chins and 10 strict pullups by the end, thinking I’ll need to be 165-ish for that. Also would like to have abs by my 30th birthday, they’ve been gone for too long.


Starting out pretty much at the same weight as I ended last years competition but with mayyybe a bit more muscle. ( and a solid Holiday Food Baby :rofl: )
weight 134
Height 5’4
40 yrs

Cheers and good luck folks! Let’s kick some ass!


Well, this is underwhelming. I guess that’s not a bad thing for a “before” picture. Sorry for the quality, Chris. We changed dressers so I lost my usual setup and I’m still searching for a new place in the house.


35 People are in, might be more than last year.


Is that two dolphins humping?


Age 37
Height 5ft 7in
weight 175lb

Hope you all have a great 2019. Best of luck on health and success


I believe they’re side by side jumping. But either way I don’t pay attention to nick nacks in my house lol.


Hi All

First post here after lurking around for a couple of months. Figured this challenge might be a good start.

Age 32
Height 175 / 5ft 9in
Weight 89.2kg / 196.6 lb

Happy New Year everyone!


I just want everyone to know that I’m excited about your participation. I’ll be here for support (or in my log) and encouragement. That being said, I just can’t bring myself to “like” pictures of men in their underwear.

But don’t let that fool you - I’m still happy you’re here!


How could you not like @kd13 s festive trousers???