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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Are you insinuating I’m not grown up? :rofl:


I have the opposite problem! Monster lats and puny biceps… Bless and curse for me too :crazy_face:


I almost talked myself into it. Snapped some pics, ended up disgusted, and thought better of it. But we’re behind you all the way!


Photos up in my log here:


Damn 23 people already, how many people joined the 2018 T-Transformation?


Feels like a lot more people, and a lot higher standard than previous years. If there wasn’t already enough motivation there, bar has definitely been raised.


I wasnt here last year and dont know what it was like but after checking out the previous competitions it seams like this year everybody is posting directly to this thread which makes it easier for people to analyze the competition. And there is some big guys and girls on this forum.


God I just realized it was New Year’s Eve already, I’m heading out for work but I’ll get a pick up in the next day or two


But you can out lift me any day, skinny is no challenge for me. I lose weight at the drop of a hat. Putting on muscles and keeping it, now that is my challenge.

I get busy, I forget to eat for days and I end up 130lb sick looking stick.


The insertion Gods giveth and taketh my friend. I’d trade my lat insertions for long bicep insertions in a heart beat.


You hands down won the hair transformation. That’s an illustrious mane. Looking like the love child of a cell-tech and herbal essence commercial.


Doing the challenge folks. Pics on my log but I can post them here too if necessary. Good luck to everyone. Happy New Years


When can get your hardware fixed you will be out lifting me!
I have spent a shit ton of money the last two months to pack on 10 lbs of fat. I haven’t been this jiggly in years :rofl:


I’m down 14lbs in the last two months. Need to have a full dinner for my pre-contest photos. I’ll post tonight. :wink:

I go on vacation for three weeks in January, but upon my return, I’ll have a coach this go around.


Nothing wrong with a bit of jiggly


@Chris_Colucci Here are my before entries, my goal is to hopefully get within the range of 90-100kg BW my current weight is 85kg.

Height: 5ft 8"


Height 5’9
Weight 260
Goals: stop being fat, get a little stronger
BF% no clue but much too high


I’m in.


I really like that toilet.

EDIT: Shit, is that a toilet? It looks more like a sink. It’s so low though…


Happy 2019 and Let the Gains Begin!!