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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



So… Here I am this year too! After 6 months of dirty bulk, I’ll try to lean out again… I hate all that fat around my waist and love handles!


  • Height 188 cm
  • Weight (yesterday morning) 86,7 kg

Getting shredded and conditioned AF!



I have been brewing up a hell of a before pic over the festive period.

No gym in a week

Chocolate every fucking night. Rock star levels of chocolate.

The odd full tub of ice cream in there as well. Odd being one every third night.

Will fire one up tomorrow or on the 1st



First timer for this. Height is 6 foot/184 cm, weight this morning was 13st 7lbs (189lbs/85.7kgs).


Here we go. One fasted cardio session into My Transformation 2019!

age: 51
height: 66"
weight: 157.4 lbs
waist: 34"
neck: 15.5"
estimated BF (Navy calc): 18%-20%

wrist: 6.5"
bicep (flexed): 14"
thigh: 22.5"
chest: 37"
shoulder: 46"


Another fat club member checking in.


Same weight as last year (178 lbs) but this time there’s a slight outline of abs, kind of a bummer because I was hoping to be fatter. Not sure how much my weight will change, doing a competition in March at 181 followed by another at 176 in Aug. Planning on doing a slowish bulk from now till the end of May. Going to try to get a leg pic tomorrow at the gym, that’ll be my main focus in the upcoming months.


Last year compared to today

Just for fun, this was the end of August


Jesus Christ dude… I saw the weight first and thought you were bullshitting because you dont look like the 300lbers I am used to seeing, then I saw you were 7’2" …


Hardly stick and bones :joy:


Here is my starting point.

43 years old
188cm (6’2)
95kg (209)


Always great to see new people getting involved this year. I hope you all see it through to the end and keep up updated with the progress.

I’m still undecided what my plan is. I will definitely be putting up an after pic for the most improved over last year. I may put up a Jan pic also because I keep getting an urge to get absolutely shredded as I have put in 2 years of adding mass and want to see it when really lean.


I’m in for this one i guess.
Age: 16
Weight: 192lbs
Height: 5’9


Third attempt at a before pic, this one firmly in the DYEL category. I’ll try and remember to get one of legs next time i have access to a decent mirror


You have to use the refrigerator in his pic for reference :laughing:


Or the dog. It’s a St. Bernard.


210.4 this morning. About a pound over last January.


@coyotegal said she was in again.


You have very good biceps, mate!


That’s probably why my lats are so small, bis wanna do everything! It’s a blessing and a curse


I will be the brave grown up one.

42, 5’7" and some change, 145lb ish
Will have to take some time off at one point to have some hard ware remove (see scare on left leg) don’t know or how long time off.