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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Is there a prize for the best before pic? Let me help lower the bar a little bit.


Here are mine @Chris_Colucci


So I guess you’re not going for a legs transformation?


Some of you guys are freaks. Guess it’s time to get serious.

Starting Weight: 227.5
Height: 6’3"

Cut all caffeine and non fruit related sugar from diet starting a week ago. Goals are more strength oriented, but I’m focusing aggressively on getting my diet back in check, so hopefully I’ll have something decent to show by the end of this.


Hopefully new guys are allowed to play. Figured as the resident noob I could post a picture so no current member would have to be last place. Your welcome.
My wife’s “art studio” downstairs has good lighting, turns out bright lights make me look even worse!

6ft, 197lbs, lots of fat and not much muscle. By June 1st I should be 6ft, more muscle, and fat.


Welcome man! You have a workout log started yet? Great way to keep you on track and allow the rest of us to offer words of encouragement/trash talk.


Not yet. Been reading other people’s though. I feel like mine would be extremely boring lol


Dropped my pics over in my log, but I’ll put them in here as well.
Coming in at a whopping 5’9", 220lbs. Focus will still be on strength, but I might toss a sprinkle of cardio in there as well and dial back the consumption of adult beverages. I said might.



Edit: Just noticed my wedgie, sorry all. Although, I don’t care enough to retake these…


No one wanted to see me in my white under armour undies.


True. I find myself wondering if it’s necessary to include my legs in my pics.

  1. They never have any definition regardless of their size.
  2. Does anyone really want to see me in boxer briefs? (the answer is no)


10 guys in now, and 2 more days remaining.


Looking jacked @littlesleeper

Nothing is worth dialing back adult beverages!


I put these on my log but I’ll add them here too.

So here goes, photos taken on Sunday 30th December-
Stats: height 1.72m or 5ft 8
Weight 87.8kg or 193 lbs


Starting stats

216cms (7’2)

139.6kgs (307lbs)

Hopefully crack the 145kgs by the end of this


What’s the goal big Jez. Add size or drop fat ??


Your like Oliver Ritchers damnnnnn!


Definitely going to have to dial it in again after a relaxed festive period. Some of these “before” shots are incredible.


You could have 5 more Christmas’ and still be lower bf that me


Definitely size


Any gals gonna do this?