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Official 2018 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Better photos to use. No food, no pump. Properly relaxed and one flexed



Has anyone ever told you your torso is, like, unnaturally long?

In my log.

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Trying to get in before deadline. Need some extra motivation.


What? No other morbidly obese people in this competition? 233lbs at 5’10". Got my work cut out me. Will start a log as well. Going to win me some free sups!..

Oh and get healthier and all that BS.


Omg. You have like super duper good proportions for squatting. Like, I’m slightly jelly.

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Been lifting for three years and went from skinny fat 145 to skinny fat 170. 5’11"

Currently running Candito’s linear training, playing squash, and eating as much as possible.

I’m hoping that the community aspect of this competition will change me from a guy who lifts to a guy who also looks like he lifts.

I plan on continuing to eat a lot for the next three months, then start cutting body fat for the next 3 months of the contest.

I appreciate any criticism you have of my body, routine or diet.

Good luck everyone!


Ugh same. Thats the dream

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Got some way to go to achieve what I’m after. The plan for 2018 is to strip down to 6% by March and then look to put on some size - currently sitting at 188cm/94kg at 9.5%. But the biggest focus of all for me is to finally sort out my right shoulder and get it properly rehabbed. A nasty legacy injury from rugby that has hung around for the past 10 years. Hoping that the idea of sharing the pics will help me focus on achieving some symmetry.


I’m in tambien. https://forums.t-nation.com/t/burientopteam-t-nation-transformation-2018-training-log/237392

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Pics are up in my log @Chris_Colucci
Tried tagging you in it like 2 days ago but didn’t work for some odd reason

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Count me in, I tagged my log. Hope thats all i needed.

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Ha the photo angle exaggerates it, I think, but yes it has been said once or twice.

Thanks! Ill work on getting my squat up to a number that does my genetics justice.

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Here I am (already posted in my log)

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New to the forums, count me in. Will create a log later


I’m up for this

@Chris_Colucci is there any chance you can move my log from the Over 35 forum into the main training log section?

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Can I sneak in past the deadline?

I’ve been hibernating.

@Basement_Gainz, don’t worry dude, I’m right behind ya on that. coming in at a doughy 185 @ 5’9"


Damn this is awesome, so many people in for 2018! Hell yeah!