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Official 2018 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I’m still in despite a hilarious lack of progress.


I’m still in. I’m testing the bounds of a diet-only (no lifting, aka lazy-man’s) approach.


This is pretty much where I’m at lol. Let myself actually GAIN weight, now trying to at least come out five pounds down after six months


It’s not just the act of shaving, it’s the dichotomy of having a beard, hairy legs and arms, and a bare chest. And committing to shaving the entirety of my body on a regular basis is a step I’m not willing to take.


I was mostly being flippantly sarcastic but I get it. If I were able to grow more than three chest hairs I doubt I’d shave them


Oh I got it, no worries. I’ve also been lucky enough to date women who either preferred or we’re willing to lie about their preferences on the whole “body hair” thing. So if the lady doesn’t care, and I don’t care, and I have no looming plans to compete in bodybuilding, I see no real benefit to shave :sweat_smile:


Physique update.


Yea Yea Yea im still here.

Still gonna finish it. Quit asking. Lol :yum:


OK… These are my After pics. I started my carb up over the weekend and probably overdid it a little, but I’m happy with my progress. Scale read 83kg this morning without breakfast and after “emptying” haha. Notable increase in Qaud and calf density, squat strength up and a little increase in shoulders maybe. Learned a lot about myself and what my body responds to.


First one didn’t load fml haha


There’s a nice high bar set right there.


@kleinhound really good effort. Well done.


I guess I’ll go ahead and set the other bar, so at least now there’s perspective.

Wrapped things up myself, 209 in January to 194 yesterday.

I was literally called skinny four times in the last couple of weeks, so I kinda want to pull a MarkKO-JMaier and just see how much I can put on from now until Christmas. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps. Probably not.


Don’t worry, the bar can still be lowered…


Now that’s team spirit. :fonzie:


The only difference I can see is the lighting and you need smaller undies. Still a good job man.


On that note, here are my after pics. Spent most of the last five months changing the room in which I take pics:

Gained 5lbs, lost 10lbs, got a bit stronger. At least I haven’t flaked.


Not sure I get the lighting reference, but I know you’re not talking bad about my super-comfortable old man pajama shorts.



Thanks for the accountability and support with this!
@littlesleeper @ChongLordUno especially!


Fuck me, mate, you’re a tank