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Official 2018 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Well again since im not apart of this …I figured I would still chime in. Well since I instigated part of my eating strategy at the start of the week ,I am showing the water dump I expected. Down 10 lbs and the Belly bloat is gone from me eating excessive amount of carb here as of late.


Physique update, hanging around 219-220 lbs for the past couple of weeks


I’m still in, down 10 pounds. Just suck at posting :smiley:


Cheater lighting check in


Arms carved out of granite! Looking solid mate


Lighting 1 - Klein hound effort 0 haha


Slowly progressing!


@kleinhound arms are looking great!

@bigjez great progress, I would say your not only looking leaner but appear to have gained muscle, most noticeable on your quads.

Wish I had entered my dad into this, since Xmas he is down 30lbs. Really proud of his commitment, he is really serious about hitting his goals and is walking every day and training 3 times a week. He wanted to loose 2 stone so has already achieved that and is now pushing on!


Thanks mate, will have to follow your plans for bicep training, lookin hyooooge
Also congrats to your dad man, proud son moment for you im sure!


kinda kidding, kinda not kidding. obviously you’re putting in great work, but you’ve got great arm genetics IMO. pretty perfect insertion point/length of bicep head. good proportion with forearms. good lines along with delt and tricep development.


I don’t have the formatting chops to properly quote Coach Thibs here, but he’s called it the “dead zone” of 12-18% (give or take) where changes aren’t very conspicuous, fat loss-wise.

And how it’s halted many a cutting phase, because of course psychological reasons are in-play here.

In any case, hope the reminder helps for those who are pushing thru plateaus, leanness-wise.


Really good effort - can see the change! Keep it up.


I’m about to go away on holiday for a couple of weeks so may or may not call this the end of my T-Ransformation. Not nearly as impressive as I’d hoped, but better than I was - I’m down around 5kg (11lbs) with no change to strength.


Different gym, different lighting


Back v taper looks awesome mate, great work



As Don John Said… the goal is to keep the goal the goal.

I’m getting a hair up my ass to do a 4 week blitz cut to shred up for the end of the contest… but my original goal was to “clean bulk” until the end and ramp up the cardio as if I was doing a cut. I am really trying hard not to stray from that goal.

What is everyone planning on doing the last month?


Less carbs, more activity. Keeping main lift volume the same/maybe slightly increasing, volume for supplemental lift reduced, volume increased for accessories/the smaller muscles that’ll make a bigger visual impact.


5 day split BB work at 5am with my friend who’s coming back from disk injury

Circuit training at 9pm 3 days per week with heavi(er) weights and short rest periods.

Tabatas or hill sprints as often as I can.

Definitely some improvement since January. But that spare tire is hanging on for dear life.


4 of the 6 weeks:

+Daily rucks w/ 20lbs pack
+Weights 3-4/d


Weeks 6-9 of CT’s Guaranteed Simple Strength & Size program. My before and after photos will be the opposite of what most people are going for. I’m up about 18 pounds since my “before” photo. I’m hoping about 10 of that is from adding creatine to the mix.