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Official 2018 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

^ This is the whole thing in a nutshell.

In the opening post, I tried to emphasize that it’s about physique change, not just fat loss.

I used this example a long while back, but this guy gained 20 solid pounds in three months. (Full disclosure, he was 18 years old, 6’2", and 160 in the before pic). Bottom line is that, while plenty of people need to lose fat to look better, it’s definitely not everyone. As long as you’re honestly self-assessing, then you can figure out what needs doing.


I think there will be several of us in this same situation as @JMaier31 indicated, he plans to bulk (cleanly) and I’m starting in on a growth phase myself, just having completed 5 weeks of the V-Diet.

Lots of ways to go about this challenge and I agree with the guys that have said it’s more about getting to a better version of you (whatever that may be) than a traditional fluffy to shredded transformation.

Good luck @dicksharpe this is going to be a fun journey with y’all.

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Not American but Army, Infantry.


@Chris_Colucci - I was not able to tag my training log with “t-ransformation2018” - doesn’t appear that that tag has been created. Am I able to create the tag or does a mod/admin need to do that?

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You should be able to edit it in the first post of the thread. Not sure it works if you try putting it in a post further down.

EDIT: I just tossed the tag onto this thread, and yeah, that seemed to be the trick.

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Yep, I was able to add the tag to the first post now. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just started a log, would be happy if some of you stopped by.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to add the tag to my log. I’ve tried but all I get is a 500 error @Chris_Colucci

Did you try to edit your very first post using the pencil icon near the title of your log? That’s where the “tag” dropdown is and @Chris_Colucci had to go create the new 2018 tag so we could use it.

Don’t want to insult your intelligence if that’s what you’re already.

Maybe log off and back on too?

Yep, that’s what I tried. Didn’t work. You’ll have to try harder to insult my intelligence. I mean, you’d have to find it first and I’ve been looking for over 30 years.


it’s probably rolling around in the gutter next to mine :smile:


Hey Chris, count me in!

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Yeah that worked for me. I’m in.

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So did I. Weird. I can only think it might be due to the thread starting before the forum change-over, so there’s some kind of tech hiccup.

I don’t want to suggest breaking your 914-day streak of one consistent training log with no title edits or anything, but… might be time for a new log? For the short-term even. Or hold out until Feb 3 so you’ll have your current thread for a solid 1,000 days, then go for a new one.

Thanks for that. I’ll probably just leave it as is. I didn’t link my log to the 2017 challenge either after all.

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I am calling out all you …peoples!!! (restrained profanity) I looked close to the best I have ever looked at the end of that thread. My goals for 2018 have already lined up a lean bulk from December 17th to March 1st (ish) and then a BB cut for the next however long it takes me to get SHREDDED AS FUUUARK!!! So I might not have the best before pic but my end game pic will be…


We can look forward to an actual after pic this time, not an after video with questionable lighting and angles, right?

Other than that…


Fuck yes I am in for this 100%
Going to start a training log, how do I link it to this?


perhaps a before and after video with the same poses and lighting in each? could that be used?

I tagged the thread for you.