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offices suck

Mainly because of “feed the employees” day. Today was one such day…and the kitchen where I am keeping my chicken and spinach and cottage cheese and GROW is FULL of hot, fresh, horribly Krispy-Kremy- donuts. It is almost physically painful to walk past them, low GI carbs and protein in hand, even though I know what I’m eating is better!! (Yeah I’ve been low carbing for a couple of weeks, I’m grumpy:) ).
It’s just not nice!!

Just be happy and proud that when you look in the mirror that you do not resemble the fat pieces of shite which certianly grazed several times on the Krispy Cremes…

Be thankful that you are not so obese that you break the arch of your foot… just by walking…

Or that walking from the car to the office winds you.

Now go eat your chicken beast (Plain), and your Complex starchy carbs and revel in the fact that you are 10X healthier and better looking than the “heard.”

I just had the same experience with the “Friday Doughnuts” at the office. There are some guys downing these things alone with Mountain Dews!! All I can think is “boy…what a fat ass!!!” I think I’ll have some Grow! now :slight_smile: