Office or Sport Career

Would you rather choose career in sports (teacher of swimming and skiing, relatively well paid) or in office (preferably marketing)?

I find it hard to be in one place and am a bit worried about role of AI in marketing, however I am also getting older and my body will not be as capable anymore. Career in sport would require more initial investments.

I will work in an office so I can play in a sport on my free time.

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Now I still work in office, however I still do not like it very much and many of it just comes down to working in sitting position inside. After I finish master’s degree (hopefully in few months) I will try to learn to teach swimming or/and skiing however I will keep my office job for few seasons at least.

You need a Master’s to teach swimming?


I personally view careers as money making vehicles and would pick the one that would pay me the most. Passions can be hobbies. Unless they pay the most.


@zecarlo Of course not, master thesis is only thing left before I finish with college (I’ve already passed all the exams) so it would be dumb not to finish it before new challenges.

@Njord Yeah I know, however as u spend good portion of your day working it is nice if it is something you like as well.

What is your financial situation like?
What are your goals?

Wagecucking in an office will earn you more down the line (aside from the first few years) whereas working outside teaching something you love will be more fulfilling.
If you’re smart/charismatic with a good social media presence though you can make more money off of that as well, especially if you have interesting content from the coaching.

Not the best, as I am at star of my career, however I can save most of my pay check. My goal is to retire early and to do what I like.

Yeah, I would think so too. However, from what I heard teaching skiing in my and countries close to it pays good after few year as well, however path there is hard and risky (most do not succeed) so I will probably try to pursue it along with career in office after I finish master thesis and my health gets better for good.

Revisiting this thread, and looking back on myself and childhood friends, I would say to be sure you keep the big picture in mind.

I personally did the office thing and then started a business (in an office scenario) have found it very rewarding. The early years were a grind.

I have friends who went in to the military. One was a marine who went directly after 9/11. Kicked doors through the first push in Falluja and wherever else, came back broken, picked up welding and killed himself a few years ago. 2 are air force pilots doing well, retiring this year and going to commercial piloting.

Given my location lots of people went in to oil. Good money, lots of career growth but you live on a rig or in a drilling camp. Things were great early for them. They saved all their money by living in the company resources, had all the fancy trucks, boats et cetera but now don’t have a life.

A handful of bohemian types followed passions. A few hunting guides, a rafting guide in Colorado et cetera. One of the hunting guides landed corporate contracts and now has his cake and eats it too. The rest of them lived an exciting life in their 20’s when we were all “poor”, but they were poor hunting or whitewater rafting and it was cool from the outside looking in. Now they’re 40 with no real transferable value, 20 years of paid hobbying has gotten old and they’re disenfranchised. Either they make a big midlife push to reinvent themselves or they’ll work in retail or something forever.

The happiest guy I know legitimately unplugged, from everything. Converted a van and travels the country working odd jobs for cash when he wants some. He’s unique though. Genuinely happy alone, no desire for a family, has never even had a gf (or bf), just kind of exists.

The majority are in some type of corporate role and have climbed the ladder to one extent or another, have a trade (doctor, lawyer) or are involved in some form of entrepreneurship. Ho-hum careers but in control of the bigger picture of their broader lives.

My point is that even though some options look fun or fulfilling, everything will ultimately boil down to what your overall existence looks like. Excitement for a passion will wear off when it becomes a daily job. Take care of the big picture.


Thanks. Even though I think in long term office jobs are not as safe anymore due to AI and outsourcing. However I think I will try to make sports my side hustle and turn them in full time if they make more money or I am laid off. Skiing teacher with good license is well paid, however it is very hard to get and also pretty expensive.

Today they just let us know (between) that our department will get more or less outsourced. I am trying to find another office job, however I am struggling so maybe decision will be made for me.