Office Drone Routine

Starting a training log here and woyld greatly appreciate feedback, insights and advice. Up until recently i was an English teacher(and in the summers worked at a walmart distrib center) so im used to being on my feet all day. Recently tookna job in a state office and feel a bit like neo in the matrix. Onebperk of the job is a great fitness center with a power rack and good barsnand plates. I experimented with my routine when i started and changef to early am wkouts. I run 531 and its many variations but favor the basic template with jokers plus the rule of 50. I like using the bar and compound lifts for assistance and it works well. The routine is this:
Monday squat 531 rule of 50 with first set
Tues: bench 531 and Rule of 50
Wed: power cleans 531 and rule of 50
Thu: ohp 531 and rule of 50
Deadlift: 531 and rule of 50
Some specs about me:
53yrs old
Best lifts in past 3 yrs all raw:
Squat: 485
Bench: 325
Deadlift: 485
Ohp: 215
Power cleans: 205

The idea behind going 5 days a week is i basically sit on my ass all day after i lift and can eat at my desk so recovery doesnt worry me. Im interested to see if the increased volume will get better gains. Ive set some goals that id like to hit:
Squat: 6001rm 455r50
Bench: 405 1rm 315r50
Deadlift: 600 1rm 455r50
Ohp: 3151rm 225r50
Pc: 3151 rm 225r50
Supplements are isopure low carb and aminox during the workouts.
Each day the entire workout takes about an hour and ahalf. I try to keep the rest periods for drop sets under 5min.
Again any feedback will be appreciated.

Friday 9/20 620am to 8am
Deadlift: 295x5, 340x5, 385x5, 295x5x5, 295x5x3
Notes: yeah its going to take a while to work up to R50 on deadlifts. I think i’ll keep them at 65% of my tm.