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Office Drone 50yrs Plus Reboot

So. Jumping back into 531 after about a year of no progress. Ive had about 9 months of basically trying to be a bench specialist and it really has set me back. Gained about 15 lbs of fat. And my bench really didnt get anywhere. Most of it is pure laziness. Realized how out of shape I am and so am going to go back to 5 3 1 but with a more basic template.

M: Squats: 531 + rule of 50
W: OHP/Tris and Bis: 531 on ohp 50 reps on tris and 50 reps on bis.
F: Deadlifts: 531 + rule of 50
Sat or Sun: Bench: 531 + rule of 50.
My goal here is to lose fat but not necessarily weight. I want to change the body composition and to get back to feeling powerful and able to handle most anything.

Im doing Rule of 50 because after running 531 for two years i realized the main lifts were the best assistance exercises. As the numbers get higher I’ll drop the rule of 50 and do drop sets of FSL multiple sets, then the triumvirate for assitance exercises. But for now the basic template is best.

I might compete in the future but right now im more focused on getting back in decent shape. My training maxes(I tested and used the formula in beyond 531) are:
Squat: 435
Bench: 295
Deadlift: 405
OHP: 195

Also some more stats:
Age 53
Height: 5’5"
Weight 210

I train early in the morning: 6am to 8am. And since i sit at a computer all day and input numbers its not that hard to recover from. Supplements are aminox during the workout for energy(and i need this in the am) and corepower shakes after the workout(really like how portable they are. No mixer needed).

Just asking because I see a lot of people focus only on the lifting, are you doing 2-3 days of hard conditioning in addition to that? That’d be your best bet to improve body comp and regain athleticism.


If you’ve spent a lot of time at a desk, throw in 100 reps of rear delt work every day or every training day. It doesn’t have to be hard, actually it should be easy - face pulls or band pull aparts will work just fine.

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I plan to once I get in a few cycles. I dont want to overwhelm what has mostly been an inert body for the past 9 months though. For starters on non lifting days just walking, then going to follow Jim’s protocols in BY531. Thanks for the feedback.

I will. First things first though. I need to get the weights back to where they were when i stopped 531. Thanks for the feedback.

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Fri 3/6/20 615am-8am. Cycle 1 Week 1 Deadlifts

Deadlifts: 135x5, 225x5, 265x5, 305x5, 345x6,
-Joker: 365x2
Dropsets: 315x5x5
Shrugs: 405x5x5
Rows: 225x5x5

-thoughts: So the rule of 50 is going to have to wait until i get a few cycles in. At least for the lower body lifts. I"ll try to work up to it each week. Im unbelievably out of shape. Was huffing and puffing the whole time. All the above were done beltless though. Felt really good afterwards but during was a struggle.

3/8/20 Sunday Cycle 1 Week 1 Bench/Biceps
Bench: 135x15, 185x8, 195x5, 220x5, 250x5, 275x1, 225 Rule of 50.
Standing EZ Bar Curls: 105 Rule of 50.
start: 1130
end: 1pm
Bodyweight: 208
-thoughts: got in a little late because of the daylight savings time beginning. Good workout.

Nice going. May think of starting a training log in the Training Logs section, or even bridging this one over. @Chris_Colucci?

Thanks. Will do.

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Monday 3/9/20 630-8am Cycle 1 Week 1 Squats


Front Squats:

-thoughts: These were hard. I am seriously out of shape. So the rule of 50 is ok for upper body ohp and bench but its going to have to wait for lower body until i get in some semblance of shape. No form issues. Decided that IM going to follow first set last for mutliple sets for the squats and deads. This will go up week to week which i think is wise right now.
Good lift. Rating 6.

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3/11/20 wed 630-8am Cycle 1 Week 1
140 R50

Floor Press:
225 R50

-thoughts. Felt much better. Got through the all the sets without feeling like im gasping for breath. Felt more energized and cleaned out after the lift.
Week one in the books.


Fri 3/13/20 630=8am Cycle 1 Week 2 Deadlift

Shrugs: 405x5x5

-Honeymoon period is over. These were work.