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Offical Vegas Thread


Sin City, enough said. I'm heading back down there in a couple weeks and thought I would get a thread going to share stories, tips, late night marriages, and all the other shenanigans that take place in the wonderful desert paradise. Here are some of my tops:

Favorite Club - Rain (what I think ecstasy would feel like, and I don't even have to take it)
Favorite Tables - Treasure Island $5 BlackJack (great at 7AM)
Favorite Strip Club - Rhino (they bring in talent from around the world)
Favorite Hotel - Palms (great for young people, to bad its not on the strip)

Favorite clubs? Best places to gamble? Best small finds? Best strippers to avoid? Best buffets? Lets hear it!


I love gambling at the Hard Rock, very cool vibe with plenty of beautiful women. Plus I have done well at the tables there. Strip club has to go to the Spearmint Rhino, they are a big step above the rest with the quality of beauty with there women. Favorite hotel is a toss up, Palms is cool, Bellagio is nice for luxury, it depends on what kind of trip you are looking to have. Have to agree with you that Palms is best for pure fun and debauchery.


I liked the Planet Hollywood best for vibe and atmosphere. Younger crowd that wasn't taking themselves too seriously. Didn't make it to the Hard Rock as there was lots of building work round there so couldn't be arsed.


I need to check out the Hard Rock, heard it's great and everything just got revamped. I think Palms would be hands down the best hotel in LV if it was on the strip. I am staying at the Bellagio next time I'm down there, so I'm happy to hear that you think it is nice and luxurious.

I've only been to Caesars VIP pool and the Palms pool during the day, wanted to hear what the best day spots were, even though most of the time I sleep from about 10am-4pm. Palms pool was nice, cabana was fun, but I think there is about a 90% chance of contracting a STD if you actually enter the water.


If you want the best pool, I would recommend Rehab at the Hard Rock, but if you go you better get there early. Like real early. Also Mandalay Bay has a nice pool, nice crowd with hot chicks.


Yea, I've heard great things about Rehab, I'll have to put that on the list.

I want to hear some stories of serious madness, because I know members of this community have gone nuts down there as a reward for the strict nutrition and fitness regiments. Spill it.


If you go to the ceasar's palace - people leave their drinks at the entrance of stores - you can walk up and steal them :smiley:

If you wanna steal bottles of liquor do what I did and either ask someone for the time and run off with their bottle, put a bottle in your back pocket in the Excalibur's store or simply walk up to the Coyote Ugly and take a bottle of liquor from their display :slight_smile:

I got into the VIP by saying I was a performer for Zoomanity

If you wanna get into the best pools, wait for a group of people to walk up and walk in pretending you're with them, unless its the Hard Rock Cafe - just find some MILFS to give you a set of wrist bands.

I got a free meal at a private restaurant in which the cheapest thing there was a salad for a 125$ for wearing my blues on the marine corps birthday - also got into 3 clubs VIP


Does rain make your body feel static-y and make your lips quiver from pleasure every time you inhale a deep breath of fresh air?


Ha nope, but it is 4 stories tall with gymnasts in full neon leotards bungee-jumping from the ceiling while flames are shooting from the sides and lazer shows are going off, not to mention Paul Oakenfold spinning as the resident DJ. It's something you just have to see to understand.

I'll have to keep some of those tips in minds also, anybody else got good tips for keeping trips cheap?

I do feel like Vegas is one of those places where if you just act like your supposed to be somewhere or allowed into something, you'll usually get in.


walking around in a 2:1 or greater ratio of hot chicks to you also helps.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most of the pool parties are starting to close either this weekend or in the next couple, and in about a month or two all of the pools will also close, once the temp starts cooling down most of the outside stuff starts to shut down.


I've been to Moon and Tryst and while both were quite nice, I have to say the view at Moon (we had a table on the patio) definitely put it over the top. Best club experience of my life.

As for hotels, I've been to New York, New York, Caesars and Bellagio. IMO the hotel doesn't really matter much unless it has something like the Hard Rock's pool. Go somewhere that is in a good location and is affordable. Of the three hotels, NY-NY probably had the most hot chicks at the pool (but the least impressive pool area). Caesars and Bellagio tend to have slightly older crowds as they are more expensive.


Vegas gets boring in September through November. Only real thing to look forward to in the winter is New Years. But even then, there are just way too many people out.


Yea it does die down a little bit, but it's Vegas, VEGAS BABY. I was down there for the past new years and it was crazy. The streets were legitimately packed, as in people couldn't move, and since the roads are blocked off, walking everywhere is the only option and takes as long ass time.

I wonder if clubs or hotels vamp up anything else to make up for the closing of pools and everything?


Looks like I will be bringing this back to the top. I am going to be heading down to Las Vegas for this Halloween weekend and was wondering if any of you have or will be down there for the occasion. I am expecting to see some pretty serious costumes and some pretty serious female bodies.

Anybody have suggestions for things over Halloween? I'm going to be staying at the Palazzo and have tables at Tao on Friday and XS on Saturday, but am always up for suggestions.


I wish I had more money, so that I could go more often.


Do they still have the Pimp N' Ho Costume Ball there? I went 2 years in a row and it was insane.


Leaving for Vegas next Friday. We take a guy trip every football season.

I have been to Vegas (from Houston) close to 10 times and I have not been to Palms or a regular club yet. May try to hit up one or both this time. Who knows.

There will be 6 - 8 of us and we don't hold back on anything. We get free rooms at Ballys and it is in the middle of the strip.