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Offering a Grip Class at a Gym?


Hello I work at a gym and I arm wrestle so I know about tendons and grip strength so I was thinking about have a grip training class for our members and our MMA members as well is this a good idea to bring to the gym? There is so much benefits to having a strong grip


I would probably check it out. I work with Captains of Crush grippers and have always enjoyed the finer aspects of having a strong grip…


Honestly, there isn’t much to teach. Deadlift double overhand with thick bars, do farmers walks, do pull ups with thick bars, put your hand in a bucket of sand or viscus liquid and move it around a lot.


Sounds like a great idea , what would you teach? looking for some tips.


The average member in the average gym won’t give two flying figs about grip strength unless you first teach them why it can benefit them. Even MMA fighters will likely need convincing that grip strength should be a priority because it generally doesn’t get much attention.

Giving a free 30-minute seminar, to gauge interest and get the word out, would be a better first step instead of just popping the class up out of nowhere.

Explain three benefits that Average Joe, or Average Jane, would actually care about.

Explain three benefits specific to MMA that a competitor would care about.


What do you look like physique wise? Not trying to be a dick, but if you look like shit most probably wouldn’t go to your class. Think about Jedd Johnson. Most have zero clue as to who he is nor do they care about grip training. He has a very average physique and an exceptional grip in just about every aspect. It has made him strong af, but his physique is very normal and most people could care less about it. Thats the world we live in.


What kind of cool grip toys do you have?

Nobody wants to sit in some class, but if you bring in an Inch Dumbbell and a Blob, and lift it it dudes’ faces, or snatch an anvil, they will want to try it.


would depend very much on the type of gym. A grip strength class in a commercial gym wouldn’t fly at all


Big time

Jesus, we have a free oly lifting class and it’s a struggle to fill that.

OP, Idea is way too niche.


People buy bottled water and $5 cups of coffee. You just have to be able to convince the layperson the importance of your class.

I think you could develop interest in offering a quick 30 minute free class advertising the idea of developing strength to crush potatoes with your bare hands, bend frying pans, having a monster hand shake, or improving hand health for older and young hands-- you get the idea. A 30 minute grip class is not a big commitment out of someones day and could be enough to draw interest from a wide variety of age groups.

You have to create the interest, for sure, as most people don’t think about grip training and how it can benefit them or just be cool.


I could see this being super beneficial for my Grandma. She has a tough time holding her coffee cup these days.