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Example: I’ve learned that to get my triceps to grow, I need to go really heavy with close-grip bench presses. I’d like to try RED-KAT if I win.

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I have learned that in order to improve my squat clean I need to squat(both front and back) more often and heavier.

I would like to try Hot Roxx

Ok, here’s my tip:

When doing Tricep work, keep your elbows tucked in for more stress to the tricep heads and keep your wrists straight. You don’t want to develop Tendonitis. As for my supp, i’d like to try the new MAG-10. I need to amp up my workouts. Hope I win!


When stealing home, if the catcher looks bigger than you, make sure you slide feet-first.

On a more weight training related note, squat full for better gluteal and hamstring recruitment.

If, through some vagary of chance, I am selected, I would love to be hooked up with some Biotest Surge.

Well… the contest didn’t say how “profound” the tip had to be, so… I will say that one thing I’ve learned is that in order to culture the bulging extremeties that we all wish to have, I’ve needed to up my caloric intake by almost 2000kcal over what I normally eat. Of course, I had to clean things up a bit, eating right was a BIG problem of mine before my T-Mag enlightenment.

If I’m lucky enough to be picked, I’d like to get a bottle of Mag10.

the dstrbd_one

I have learned that a brisk 12-15 minute run on the treadmill after lifting helps to keep me lean even while bulking. I`d like to try some Mag-10 please…

When doing heavy weighted dips or any dip for that matter, the more forward you lean the more the pecs are involved and the more upright you are the more stressed the tri’s are.

I would like to try Hot Rox.

For good back development during chinups, try to pull through your elbows (not your biceps) and contract your lats. It helps target the back more than the arms, for me anyways.

I’d like to try HOT ROX.

Ive found that to really define and build the calves, one needs to ride a stationary bike with a high amount of resistance and ride with their toes on the pedals. talk about BURN!!!
id take some free hot rox…!

The one thing that has helped my arm development the most is doing the basic compound movements. By doing dips, BB rows, squat etc., and only doing direct arm work one day or no days per week my bi’s and tri’s have both come along a lot better.

Would like to try Mag-10 if I win.

This isn’t so much a tip, as a reminder: Lunges are the most underappreciated leg exercises and should be incorporated into leg workouts for excellent glute work, as well as hamstring and quad development.

I definitely want to try some Biotest Surge.

stick to the compound movements, and stop worrying about iso stuff, if you ever want to have any size whatsoever.

if i win i would love some biotst red-kat.

The tip is “train your body not your ego” Loading up 500 lbs and doing 1/4 squats is not gonna help you, use proper form, and the weights will go up. Everyone starts somewhere and if anyone gives you a hard time grab then by the neck and one arm snatch them over your head (or just ignore them) I would like some Hot-Rox.

I’ve learned that despite following a good conjugate periodization plan and a proper diet, harsh busy periods could cause cortisol increases (meaning, you worry too much) that would mess up your gains. My best gains have been during my months off from university or when I’m single (gasp). I am interested in trying Hot-Rox (Due to all of the hype :slight_smile: ).

Power Rack McGuyver Natural Glute Ham Raise

Place a bench inside of the rack. Set one pin just above the bench height and wrap a squat pad or towel around it. Set the other pin at the same height or higher depending on you’re ability to do NGHR. Adjust the bench so your heels/achillies will be on the bottom of the squat pad or towel and your knees on the bench. Then glute ham raise it up. You use the other bar as your catch if you need assistance in do them.

I’d like to try some Hot Rox!

Using your shirt for max effort bench work off low boards and rack lock outs with bands will build massive lock out strength and will really help your bench…i would love to win some new mag 10…big m

When doing box squats, go ahead and wear your Chuckie Ts but when doing olympic squats, don’t be ashamed to wear a shoe with an elevated heel or placing a coulpe 10lb plates under your heels. This will help keep torso more upright and help you get deep while still putting the emphasis on quads as opposed to posterior, which is the goal of the olympic style squats. Now give me my tribulas! I would love to receive some Tribex, your Majesties.

I’ve learned that to get my biceps to have a larger peak, I need to count to 6 on the way up and 2 on the way down to draw more of a focus on the peak. I’d like to try Hot Rox if I win.

I’ve learned that my calves won’t grow one frickin centimeter unless I train them in the 15-20 rep range. I would love to get my hands on some Mag-10.

I am recently learning that if you want big arms, don’t train them directly. Do a lot of compound movements, and they will grow.

I would like to try MAG-10.