Off Weeks? Active rest?

When you guys take a week off, do you spend the week doing nothing at all? Or do you stay active, cardio, swimming, etc, and just not lift?

I’m just planning for the week im going on vacation, i will probably not be dieting so good, so i was thinking a light cardio sessions everyday.


Your on vacation, I would not worry too much about it. If you got a lady just go for some long walks.

I always do some active rest which includes a variety of things I enjoy (volleyball, mountain biking, tennis, swimming, sprinting, GPP, etc.).

I take every 8th week off from the gym and from any high intensity training.(ie. sprinting) I try to get in 3 long, slow jogging sessions of about 30-45mins in length, or play a sport, if I happen to be involved in one at the time. I find doing this brings me back to the gym motivated, refreshed and ready to go at it again hard.