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Off-Week Eating/Supps


Hey all,
Just wondering what you all typically do when you take a week off every now and then as far as diet and supps. Do you drop calories a bit to address the lack of lifting, or do you increase to ensure proper recovery?

As we know, supps aren't cheap, therefore, do you lay off them for that week or keep taking any/all of them? I have some finals coming up shortly, and I figure I'd try to coordinate this week off with my tests, but just wondering the best way to prepare myself for it.



I don't change a thing if I'm only taking a week off. My diet stays the same, but if you are trying to lose weight, you'll want to back off some of the calories. As far as supps, stay on them.


I don't take weeks off. In most of the last decade, if I am away from the gym more than four days, it is either because of a hurricane, being in a country with no gyms, or in the process of finding one close by. Unless you just went through the stress of getting into competition shape, your training shouldn't be leaving you so incapable of recovery that you need to take weeks off.

Beyond that, my diet doesn't change depending on what my goal is. Even if I was away for 4 days or so, my usual course of action is to train even harder right before I leave so that the days off are justified as far as recovery.