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Off TRT, Having Severe Anxiety/Heart Palps

Back in March I started a TRT protocol of 200mg test C weekly/ 250iu Hcg EOD/ 1mg anastrozole E3D

Went well for 4-5 weeks but then stated getting these strange episodes of discomfort intermittently throughout the day. Hot flashes, high heart rate,face was red/flushed,bloat, sometimes headaches. Checked my BP and it was very high during these episodes. 160/110 sometimes. I immediately stopped the TRT treatment at this time.

I went into this with hematocrit levels on the high end so I assumed a blood donation would help. I had given blood prior to starting so I was ineligible to give for 2 more weeks. The symptoms worsened so I ended up at my PCP where he put me on high bp meds and sent me for therapeutic phlebotomy. I felt much better afterwards but was still having some of the same symptoms, but just not as intense.

About a week later I stated getting severe anxiety attacks, heart palpataions, chest pains, bp spikes, dizzyness/vertigo, severe GERD. Ended up one night at the er with a severe panic attack (thinking it was a heart attack). I did some research the next day and found that the bp med (amlodipene) can cause these symptoms so I stopped that. Felt good for 4-5 days no anxiety or bp issues.

Then all the symptoms came back. Now here I am desperately looking for help.

I was only on the TRT for 6-7weeks. Clinic director told me since I was not on it that long that I should not have any problems and should bounce back to at least how I felt before quickly.

Is it possible for this to be related to the TRT and stopping cold turkey? Or should I be chasing something else. MY PCP is at a loss right now and is looking cardiac issues first and then gastro/gerd related stuff next.

Any input would be appreciated.

My first thought is E2 issues - that’s a lot of arimidex. Most guys take 1mg/wk. The gurus here will want to see complete bloodwork labs (with ranges). If you haven’t, read through all of the stickies at the top (a couple of times, lots if information there!).

As far as bouncing back, you might, and you might not. You may need a SERM restart to get things going again. Even so, you’ll likely be right back where you were which lead you to see treatment in the first place. Don’t abandon your TRT, the guys here will help get you sorted.

I have been going through them. LOTS of info to sort out. I was thinking E2 as well.

49 yrs old. 5’5" 180lbs

Pre TRT labs

TT 614 250-1100
FT 87.0 46.0-224.0
E2 - 28 <= 39 pg/ml
LH - 2.5 1.5 -9.3
FSH - 4.3 1.6 - 8.0
SHBG 32 10 - 50

TSH - 0.80 0.40-4.50
T3 - 33 22-35%
T4 8.5 4.5-12.0

ALT - 19 9-60
AST -24 10-40
IGF-1 192 52 -328

Hoping to get new ones done next week.

Why 200mg T cyp per week and not 100? That certainly made whatever is going on worse.

For 100mg, 1mg/week anastrozole is expected to work well, 2mg for 200mg. But some are anastrozole over-responders who need 1/4th the expected dose.

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys – need more info and labs
  • protocol for injections

Inject more often, try twice a week, take anastrozole at that time.

Thyroid: better with TSH, T3, fT4

  • read the thyroid basics sticky, check body temperatures, that is the bottom line

Not sure what you have going on but I recently went back on TRT after trying to stop. I used a SERM and it still kicked my butt and my TT went down to 120. I had a few of the symptoms you have. Good luck.

At this time I have no plans to restart the therapy. At least until I can get these issues addressed. My numbers were not bad at all for my age but I was sold on the “treat the symptoms, not the numbers” hype. I never had any of these symptoms prior. I felt the typical low T symptoms but I was dealing with it. Was looking to gain back some of the athletic and sexual performance of my younger day. Now I feel very ill. In hindsight after talking to Drs. and research my Pre TRT symptoms may have been related to sleep apnea.

I always hear people comment that there is no going back after TRT. Is this true?

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, 1 mg anastrozole E3D. Sounds like you drove your E2 into the dirt! Without a blood test when you had the symptoms it is not known what happened. I take 50 mg Test E3D. I have to keep my anastrozole dosage down to 3 drops EOD or it will get in the low teens even at 5 drops EOD (< .25mg EOD)