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Off TRT and On Again

I have been on TRT, 6 pumps once daily of fortesta, for around 7 years. I lost my job and insurance and had stopped taking it for about 2.5 months. I am now back on a low dose, 1 tube, of what is generic testim. My question is will it still be as beneficial as it was for the 7 years i was on it originally? Having to stop cold turkey has been rough i am hoping my fatigue and brain fog get better soon. Been on new gel for 2 days. any advice or similar experiences.

I am not going to look at your multiple old threads.

Just a reminder that E2 management can be mission critical and that transdermal T has the highest level of T–>E2.

It will take time to see how you feel and nothing we can say will change the outcome.

Injected T is the lest cost TRT method.

The stickies are now in the 2nd post in the first forum thread.

Sorry to hear about the bad times you have been going through.

Thyroid has become a major focus here because many who come here have some thyroid issues. Some as simple as not using iodized salt. That can lead fatigue and brain fog too, or make low-T worse in that regard.

Thanks for the response. I know my E2 is high, i have been using DIM but it only does so much. right know my PCP is getting me started back up and now i have to find a new Endo which is always a crap shoot.