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Off TRT 3 Months with Symptoms

Hey guys, I decided to get off TRT after 2 years because this last year included some scary symptoms like high blood pressure, panic attacks, and palpitations/tachycardia episodes.
My primary doc was telling me to get off Test for two years but I never wanted to, I loved TRT until $hit hit the fan. I have some thoughts on why I experienced my sides…2nd child born, masters degree, leadership roles at work…STRESS.
Combined with abruptly stopping asthma meds after 10 years (inhaled corticosteroid) while continuing to take TRT for a year after stopping Beclomethasone (corticosteroid).
My doc assumed adrenal insufficiency and ONLY tested plasma ACTH, no Cortisol or DHEA.
I believe my adrenals were and still are whacked out.
The last 3 months on TRT included hypoglycemia (49, 50, 55 BG readings) after exercise, insomnia, chest pains, neuropathy, anxiety, indigestion.
Since stopping TRT 3 1/2 months ago, hypoglycemia still happens (CT ruled out insulinoma, Endo says reactive hypo). But most worrisome is low BLOOD PRESSURE 90/55 sitting and I get lightheaded when standing up sometimes see black and get dizzy. My arms seem to tingle and lack circulation but my legs are fine. Squatting to standing feel like passing out briefly.

CT scan of head is negative, carotid ultrasound clear, leg ultrasounds good, cardiologist says my bradycardia is normal 40 or sometimes lower during sleep, 40-50 day resting. He says my heart is healthy from exercise test,EKG’s, holster monitoring, and ultrasound of valves.

Anyone experience low BP, circulatory issues, lightheadedness, after stopping TRT?

After 10 years of mild-moderate cycles, 2 years clomid therapy, and 2 years TRT, my natural levels are just under 400 off TRT for last few months.

The goal is all natural, Endo will be working with me.
34 year old, athlete my whole life.

After three months you are good for a baseline blood test. Get the TRT pre-bloods and post them otherwise we can’t help. What was your TRT regimen and supporting meds?

@blshaw thanks for responding. One month after last gel application testosterone = 375, I will test tomorrow and post once results come in. No Arimidex ever while on TRT, only in my AAS days. Urologist said they don’t deal with E2. 1st year TRT was great, 2nd year was full of symptoms.

Hey man, I have adrenal insufficiency ie low cortisol, DHEA, epinephrine, norepinephrine. I know how you feel. My adrenal problems stem from too much stress, abnormal circadian rhythms from too much blue light, too much stimulants like caffeine, etc.

I suspect the compounded decrease in corticosteroids and high stress is what’s giving your troubles. You are for sure in adrenal insufficiency. Get your cortisol tested. The DUTCH test is very good, or do any saliva cortisol 4 point test.

I just today started TRT because my testosterone and estradiol are very low and I assume my adrenals have something to do with this.

I have come a long way from when I had the most problems with my adrenals and feel decently good lately. I can give you my top tips from tons of research to help.

  1. cut out stimulants, natural or not
  2. stop stairing at bright screens and turn off all electronics when the sun sets (sounds hippie but it makes a big difference. also download f.lux for your computer if you have to work on it at night.)
  3. don’t exercise to exhaustion - this one sucks. but you need to help your adrenals recover and they won’t if you keep pushing them because you are always fatigued and trying to recover from hard work outs.
  4. meditate - do a 10 minute guided meditation in the morning to reduce stress
  5. do other things that reduce stress
  6. get a lot of sea salt in your diet - google the adrenal cocktail. it’s a way to get in sodium, potassium and vitamin C which are all needed for adrenal health. for me it was sodium (sea salt) that made the biggest impact on my adrenals from nutrition. I drink this cocktail 3 times per day: first thing in the morning (honestly if you put sea salt in water and drink it it will do amazing things for your adrenals), at 10am and at 2pm.
  7. go to bed at 10pm and get up at 6am. again, circadian rhythms. Get your sleep.

I hope you will take care of your adrenals so that they don’t go into a complete crash like mine did.

We need a full work up to know what’s happening, not just t levels. That’s not even half the story.

@duddy I have cut salt out of my diet occasionally since the random high blood pressure situations. Thank you for the great advice, I will utilize sea salt and iodine salt to boost adrenals.
I will also ask Endo to test cortisol and DHEA but won’t see him for 6 weeks.
Thanks again dude!

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