Off TRT 10 Weeks. Bloodwork

Was on trt for a year 100 to 120 mg a week been off for 10 weeks here is my blood work should i wait it out dont feel as bad as the blood work looks is there still hope ?

Hope for what? That your levels will improve? Probably. That they will really improve and get to high range? What were they initially?

Before I started they testerone was at 13 now its 6 endo said it look like like pituitary is not responding?

OK, there is a chance you’ll get back there, may take several months. I knew guys from the old days who went on long AAS cycles (defined as 6+ months, longest I ever did was 14 weeks) and recovered. I also currently know some who did not.

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Will your levels increase with diet and exercise, probably, but will it be enough is the question. I would guess more likely not because your FT levels are below range and you would need a miracle (struck by lighting) to end up on the higher end of the FT ranges.

The FSH is low alongside LH, this is a pituitary failure, not much you can do about it.

I have never seen anyone recover optimal levels with LH so low. Low testosterone causes poor sleep and poor sleep causes low testosterone. That would be like trying to climb out of a deep mud pit and climbing to the top only to slide right back into the mud pit.

You need assistance, help to get out.

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Did you take clomid or nolvadex after stopping?

What I find odd is I don’t feel that bad at all, having good workouts sleeping good never feel totally refreshed in the morning but never did when I was on testerone either. Find my cardio better now My blood work was good top range testerone and e2 was in the low 30s but I suffered from severe painful back acne that we never got under control and it totally outweigh the benefits we tried lowering dose switching to 2 injections a week nothing helped but now I’m thinking I wonder if I should have gotten off the ethanate with sesame seed oil and tried something different cypionate Maybe ? not sure if that would make a difference on acne? I have to kind of formulate some kind of a game plan in case I really need this but I can’t live with the acne at all. Does different types of testosterone have an effect on acne if so which one would be the better one to use?

No I did not

People with anxiety need very frequent dosing, otherwise the spikes in T will produce anxiety.

The cypionate v.s enanthate probably want newt you any difference, you may very well be sensitive to these spikes in T and E2. T-cream might even work, no T spikes.

So when you say frequent dose do you mean every day or every other day and go subq to eliminate the spikes and hopefully stop the acne I don’t think creams a good idea with the wife and kids

Yes to daily or EOD, SQ isn’t for everyone as it cause more estrogen issues with me. It was like the entire injection converted to estrogen. I understand it’s probably not a good ideal to do T-creams with a wife kids in the picture.

I have heard of T-creams transferring over to the wife which provided her with a benefit of higher libido. So if you didn’t have kids and wife’s libido was waning…

Situations such as this can keep marriages together.

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Haha that’s,all good till she grows a beard lmao. Thanks for your input hope I bounce back and don’t need it one other problem I was having was my balls pulling up so tight I was constantly pulling them out of my stomach was using hcg 250 3 Times a week and that never helped much is there any other way around that problem that you know of? Thanks again👊

You should of switched docs if that doc didn’t have answers . Changing oils does help but so does taking daily and being patient through the anxiety and etc

If you feel fine stick wit it and optimize health.

I have switched doctors and they wanted me off so this is where I am now and said if I can ride it out for 3 or 4 more months to see what happens with next blood work and go from there, said if I cant handle it I can go back on I told him I dont feel that bad to be honest. I was on 120 once a week when I started then last 7months 50mg every 3.5 days was on ethanate so I’m just trying to line up all my research incase I need to get back on and was thinking maybe switch to a different kind of injections to see if that helps was on ethanate with sesame oil what,would you suggest to try I’m already thinking 29g half inch I.M injections eod if I do and I will try and keep my levels in the upper half not on the top range to hopefully minimize sides I’m more concerned about being healthy and longevity.

They wanted me off because first doctor never tested fsh lh or shbg

I use 28g or 30g 1/2 inch. Seems 28g is easier to find and cheaper for some reason. I did daily sub-q and felt great for a while then as an experiment went to EOD IM and there was a noticeable difference. Daily felt much better. I then went to daily IM and found that I felt just as good as daily sub-q so I just stick to IM daily in the delts. It’s been great. Some people can’t imagine doing a shot each day but personally I look forward to it. I can feel a noticeable difference after the shot. Regardless of how much of that is in my head, it works so I’ll take it.

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TRT for women as well, however the dosages are lower which is probably why a little transfer is enough to make a difference in libido only.

You would need a substantial dosage to give your women to grow facial hair.

Same here, no LH or FSH, there never forced me off TRT though because I had a diagnosis not only from an endocrinologist but also a neurologist stating extremely low muscle mass caused by extremely low testosterone.

I voluntarily stopped TRT in April and asked doctor to test just in case later…

@streaker I applaud you for listening to your doc and ignoring the stupid advice you have been given by a couple of members we have here on the forum. I can’t see there advice since I have them both blocked but I could tell by your post you were not buying their bullshit. Trust your gut my friend. Be wary of randoms on the internet some don’t have a fucking clue how all this works.

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I’d suggest discussing a protocol with your doctor. It will help restore your natural levels much more quickly and effectively.

When I asked about doing something like that I was told there is no way that is proven to work and when I mentioned clomid he said no its not worth the side effects just wait it out? Canada is way behind on this stuff and its hard to get a dr that gives a shit first dr that put me on pretty much said I will have to live with acne or come off he didn’t want to deal with the sides I’m that rare case I guess ,what works for most is not working for me lowering dose to the point of no benefit and acne still I think he never knew what to do so I went off to another dr.