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Off Topic: Speeding warning

This is way off topic for this site but i don’t where else to ask, so here it is. I got caught speeding in the USA and I got off with a warning. What I’d like to know is if this is put on “my record.”
P.S. Im 17, live in Canada, and this is the first time I’ve been stopped by the police.

No. So don’t worry about it and enjoy your good luck.

Don’t worry about it.

don’t think it would follow you to canada, in the states it depends on the state wether they take points,ect… from other states. but I don’t think they would ever even bother w/ a warning.

i don’ see how, if you got a warning then you didnt get a ticket. No ticketm no problem.

This is a ridiculous stupid question! this is a BODYBUILDING FORUM!
The answer is no-not permantly, just for a day-that way if you get pulled over in the same 24 hours they won’t let you go again.

No, it’s not going to go on your record. The officer simply put “warning” on the bottom portion of the citation indicating that you don’t need to show up for court. Additionally, it will be on that department’s records only. Meaning, if you get pulled over again and they do a check by the same department, then it will show up. Other than that, it’s just for your records;-)

Don’t sweat it.

Whenever we went to the states we would get pulled over many times. In fact every couple of hours. We figured out that none of the officers wanted to give us a Ticket because we are from Canada. They would usually just say “You were going pretty fast, try to keep it slow” or something along those lines hehe.

My wife and I went camping in WA. I didn’t realize I had a couple of grapefruit in the cooler…I ended up getting a $50 fine for trying to import citrus fruit into the us from Canada… the only thing is that citrus doesn’t grow in Canada and these had a Florida sticker on them … my wife and I just laughed but it did take away one supp purchase while I was down there.