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Off topic: pick up lines

I need some new material (pick-up lines), anyone know of some good ones. If yes please respond. The t-vixens out there tell me your favorites that men use to try to pick you up.

Don’t wanna be harsh but, pick up lines suck. Be yourself. The only thing pick up lines are good for is laughing about later.

These are untested. Post your results: 1. Should we go on a date first or do you want to have sex right away? 2. I wish my girlfriend looked as good as you.

Try anything by Johnny Bravo.

I haven’t actually used pick-up lines to meet someone. I always just go up to women and start a conversation. Usually a simple, “Hi” works. And I go from there. Or I find something to start the conversation like a book they are reading or something they are wearing or talking about, etc. Works every time. Met some ladies at the pool recently. Life has been going very well. No lines needed. They said the only game a guy needs is to start a decent conversation. Since I do that, I must have game. When I use pick-up lines, it’s after I’ve already met the person, and I use it for a laugh. Something like, “Hey, are those Space pants you’re wearing? Because your ass is out of this world!” LOL!

Bobby, you didn’t post your age, but I’m betting you’re fairly young. So I’m gonna give you some Big-T-Brother advice. Ready? Here is the secret of the dating universe: Men don’t pick women up. Women pick men up.

Think about it - if a woman wants to go home with you, you can say something as simple as “Let’s get out of here” and she’ll go. But if she doesn’t want to sleep with you, no “line” in the world is going to change her mind. (T-Vixens, give me some backup here!) So you might want to re-think your strategy a bit…

A few months back i was chillin at a resort with some of my boys. One day we were sitting in the sauna and whenever any women would come in we would make them tell us a pickup line before they could leave. Anyway, to make a long story short one woman asked me to tell her a pickup line and my mind went blank. Then one of my boys said “here is his(refering to me)‘Look at my muscles, wanna have sex?’” Hilarious at the time but I wouldn’t suggest trying that one. Just thought I’d share that with ya all.

Now, I might be missing something but I always thought we lifted weights so we could simply go, find, and subsequently carry out any girl we chose for that evening. Only kidding of course! (nothing but love for the t-galz) I always just talk to girls like they were one of the boyz and my weekends are always packed!

If she’sa computer geek
“hey baby my penis resembles an rj45 ethernet cable”
or or
“hey baby let me get that off your lips so you don’t get it on my dick later”
you know there’s so many …

char-dawg : I wasn’t in the dating scene long, but I know for sure that every time A guy tried to use a line on me, my opinion of him dropped. I can’t help it, I just like originality, and nothing is more original that being yourself. Of course, I never was the type to just go home with a guy so maybe my opinion doesn’t relate - i.e. may not get you laid.

I agree with being yourself and starting conversations but for those who insist on pick up lines here goes: You must have a Keg in your pants couse baby i want to Tap that ass!!

OK pickup lines suck, except for the ones I put up at the top of course. So what should he say when he first goes up to a girl?

OK here is a good method but not every guy is willing to swollow their ego for the kitty. I know i do lol. Here goes at the gym if i eye a female that interest me ill wait till she is doing something cardio or flexibility based that we might consider !!Girly!! Then aproach her not to give her advice but to (and this is the kicker) get HER advise on how to do that. You will (1)Start a conversation (2)compliments her becouse she thinks wow he wants advice from me i must be doing something good. (3)She will really be inpresed that you are not one of these neantherthals that thinks women shouldent even be there. has worked for me and my workout buddys.

Big Daddy - that would SO work on me. I’m almost embarassed to admit it! So, was that your idea???

Natey - ‘Hi’ usually works wonders.

Hey Michelle i did come up with it but not as a researched type of system. It was an on the fly thing i saw this woman she looked very to my likeing and she was doing some yoga streaches and i approached her and said Hi I have being wanting to try those kinds of streaches. Do you mind giving me a few pointers? and from there it went on. Worked like a charm. after that it became a system lol!!!

Here’s one that is meant to make you sound sincere and will make a gal more responsive to you:

“Hi, I just want you to know that I’m willing to make a total fool of myself just to come over and meet you. My name is ______.”

The key to this line is to smile and seem totally sincere, not just in what you are saying but what you are doing in your body language. Before you step up to her, remember and think of a time when you were totally sincere in truth to someone. Sometime when you genuinely meant something you said to someone (it does have to be nice mind you). When you can remember that experience, remember the feelings you felt not only in your head, but in your body. When that feeling (state) gets strong enough, THEN go approach her. Girls can smell an insincere approach a mile away, and this little exercise helps you get you physiology in the right frame to pull off a completely sincere pick up line. Enjoy.

Aaron "Showing others how to pick up chicks using pseudo-psychology since 1845"

Smile! Jesus loves you…and so do I!

In all seriousness it depends on what kind of woman you’re trying to pick up. If it’s just out in public, you don’t know the woman at all, a simple “hi, I don’t mean to bother you but I find you attractive” kind of line should at least get their attention. But if you’re in a certain club, party, or such activity, then you could work on something for the type of woman that would frequent that type of event.

Char-dawg, although I hadn’t really thought about it, I would say you were right. Instead of a line, I like the silent approach, kind of like in the old movies, when a man who had been eyeing a woman from across the room would wait for her to pull out a cigarette, then whip out his lighter while they made eye contact. Its kind of a signal from her, and leaves her with the first line.

A couple of examples used on me that left ME thinking of something to say: A guy in the grocery store parking lot came over and loaded my 50lb bag of dog food for me, I didn't need help but it suprised me and was nice of him. In the gym, this guy would come over and just silently help me load and unload the bar, wave and go back to his workout, no offers to spot me, or lurking around when I do stiff legged deads. You get the idea. I hope.

Well, Bobby, there you go. Don’t say I never gave ya nuthin’.

(Thanks for the validations, ladies. And if you’re ever, um, in Japan, I make this EXCELLENT shrimp omelet…)