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OFF TOPIC Home Business

Hey T-Folk,

Here is a weird off topic question. Has anyone ever tried one of those mail order home buisness gigs, the ones where you assemble shit at home? I was thinking about this.

I’m from CT and just got a new car and the insurance company is shoving their huge d*** right up my poopshoot. so was thinking of a way to make some extra cash then maybe i can still afford a shitload of biotest supps.

Stay away from that crap. There are a couple decent ones out there but ther are no get rich quick schemes. Some are good but require you spend time developing them. Replacing your income from an business takes time. I know, I am trying to do the same.

There are many ways to make extra cash. Some of them are even legal. Most of the info-mercial types I’ve seen are just thinly disguised Ponzi schemes. You make the cash from kickbacks signing people up for some service at a huge price. They’re designed to fall apart rather quickly. There are indeed no get rich quick schemes. Even the lottery doesn’t last. Usually what happens is a “new rich” syndrome where the person gets themselves in a financial hole, and they end up losing it all. Larry Burket (sp?) has some great suggestions on finances, insurance included. I think his site is Crown Financial Ministries. There’s a lot of Christian based principals there, but even if you have a problem with that, the financial principals are sound. Might be worth looking into.

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