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Off topic (?) creatine and coldsores

Ok this might sound stupid but does anyone else notice that they get coldsores more often when regularly using creatine? Also what are some good ways to prevent coldsores and good ways to clear them up quickly once occurs? Thanks

Thats funny you said that… I just got a small cold sore and I’m using creatine now. I think its just coincidence though. I rarely ever get one, and cant remeber if i was using creatine when i got one.

I remember reading something like this in the reader mail section of this webzine. I wonder if there’s going to be any research done on this. As far as ways to treat cold sores, I heard that taking 1500 mg of lysine along with 1000 mg of vitamin C helps. I also heard that arginine can trigger the herpes virus to activate. Hope this helps.

Lysine is good for cold sores, but you gotta take enough of it. I use about 6g per day when I’ve got one, and it really helps cut the pain and promote faster healing. Try it.

Maybe you are having a herpes outbreak and you just think it’s being brought on by the creatine. Now go do her in da butt!

Well, that is funny that you said that. My friend get’s cold sores all of the time when he uses Creatine. Then again, he gets them when he uses protein powder for extended periods. You know what, he also gets them while taking multi-vitamins too. You see, my friend has Herpes.

When I get a CS, I dip a figure into some Ammonium Alum and hold the stuff on the spot, which is usally on the inside of the mouth. Takes a few times, and better to catch it earlier, but it works.

Those aren’t coldsores. Next time get more saliva lathered up in you mouth before going down. If you do that you won’t get those friction burns. At least that’s what my girl does.