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Off to the Great white North

Hey T-Folks in Ottawa. I will be traveling your way on the 30 to the 4th on business. I was looking for directions to a gym, and maybe someone that would like to go thru a work out or two. <----- See Nate Diggity, I’m learning -----

If you got some suggestions PM me or drop a note in here.

Bumpity bump bump

Sorry my freind but I live about a 4 hour drive away in Toronto, otherwise I’d hook you up.

More info needed. Where are you staying in Ottawa? There are some “corporate” type gyms downtown but these often don’t allow walk-ins. Also will you rent a car?

Come on guys! There’s enough of us here in Ottawa to offer some advice!

I’ll be staying in Kanata (sp?) near Nortel at the Holiday inn. I should have access to a rental car, someone in my group will get one.
Apprecaite the response! If all else fails I have my Bands and Body wegith movments to do in the “Gym” there at the hotel.

I’ll do some research tommorow (Sat) and post a reply Sat nite. I don’t live in this area (it’s total soccer mom land) but I’ll try to find something.But come to think of it there is a gym on March road I think. Anyway I’ll get back to you.

I couldn’t find a gym in the phone book but I do rememeber a gym/martial arts place on March Rd in Kanata. I’m sure someone at the hotel can tell you where it is. Also the Ottawa Senators hockey team have their club in Kanata so there must be some other gyms around.

The senators have their own private gym which is not open to the public. If I am thinking of the right gym on march road it sucks dick. It is called the Canadian squash and country club(man it even sounds lame) and I worked out there for a year. It was the worst gym in the world. You might be better of just bringing a kettlebell and a jump rope and doing a fun workout outside in a nearby park.
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