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Off The Juice For A While?

i’ve ben of for almost two years and was trying to get skinny. i went from 206 with 13% body fat down to about 191 with 8% body fat. then i decided i needed to loose even more and spent time in the high mountains training just on the bike and got down to 170 with abotu 4% bf the only problem was that i felt tired all the time.

i lost all this with alot of cardio and no strength training. this year i’m looking to build strength without putting on alot of weight and keeping a low bf%. besides diet and cardio, what else could help- “supplements” wise?

Anavar and Winstrol

I tried Winstrol years ago and absolutely fell in love with the stuff, sounds perfect for what you’re looking to do. I also tried anavar but didn’t notice any results… it’s quite possible I had fakes though.

anavar and winstrol…but make sure you protect your liver. and you may get sore joints from the winny.

With enough Flax seed oil and fish oil that should not be a problem

winstrol never did anything for me…anavar either.

steroids dont give you bodyfat…personaly I would do deca and tren and watch what I eat.

deca and tren stack…that should be a rough one on the libido no?

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