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Off-Season's End


Hi, here are some pics from today. This are the last pictures from this off-season. Please, disregard the others in the first topic, rate this only.
Thank you!

My stats, 26th December 2007

Height: 5,11

Weight: 204

Arms - 18
Legs - 29
Chest - 47.5
Waist - 34


thick arms, but we really need more pics and stats.


Another one:


And this was it.


good thickness, but still need some better pics, and wheels would be nice.

Looks like your carrying a good bit of bodyfat, and traps are lacking. But still pretty good.


I don't care about traps, man. I've never trained them, neither I wish to do so. Maybe in the future this will change. About my bodyfat - as much as it seems, it is around 15%. Maximum of 16%, I'm sure. That's not way too much for the end of the off-season, here the goals are different.
Anyway, thanks for the comments!


What country are you from that you dont want traps? Jeeez... something in the water.

You're pretty thick, but with some more traps (:P) from deadlifts (and the thickness it will add elsewhere) you'd have a pretty impressive physique going.


Americans seems to be fond of traps, I see. I am form fuckin' Bulgaria, as I mentioned a lot of times in another topic. Here traps are not of much interest, and definitely not my first care. Since I'm not going to compete I am content with the way I look now, even though "trapsless".


Can someone please photoshop some traps on this kid so he can see how much better he'd look if he actually had any development there?

I don't understand why you would specifically neglect a part of your body simply becaus you're "form fuckin' Bulgaria". Is it safe to assume you neglect other body parts as well, say legs?


lol how can you not love teh traps ? since youre saying that you dont need em I assume youre traning purely for aesthetics(nothing wrong btw), where traps play a huuge role. cant hide em no matter what youre wearing lol.

"Look Like a Beast

Packing a lot of meat on your trapezius muscles is the cornerstone of what I call "the power look." The power look is simple to recognize. It's characterized by the sound of jaws dropping to the floor when you enter a room and by the sentence, "Sorry sir, I'm not looking for trouble," whenever you accidentally bump into someone in a nightclub. The power look is something that can't be hidden under clothing, nor can it be faked. Regardless of how you're dressed, you just look damn strong, like an animal ready to charge.

I'm going to give you a traps-specialization program to help you get that "I'm-gonna-eat-you-alive" power look" "


Especially since youre from Bulgaria, im originally from eastern europe myself... that "dont fuck with me" look really comes useful there as far avoiding getting beat-up/mugged on teh streets in a plain daylight.


My bad, im usually, up-to-date on my stereotypes. I'm white so I have a small dick, black guys can play sports, asians are good at math, I must have missed the part about bulgarians not training traps.

Next time post "Rate my physique, actually just my good features, don't rate my traps because they are weak in comparrison to the rest of my body"




I might be wrong, but I think there's some stereotyping associated with "thick necks" in Bulgaria, something like being stupid or unrefined or a peasant, the ideal look being a "pencil neck" with big arms and chest, the smart, educated city guy working out and being healthy by choice rather than genetics and lowly, menial or farm-type jobs.


... eh Georgi, is this true? It explains your mindset, but still stupid to intentionally neglect a body part imo.


If thats the case, i don;t agree with that mindset but I can definitely recognize it. Like "thick neck muscles make you look rural" in many asian countries. Strangely "thick forearms" are always prized even there.


Well if you're not going to compete why the hell are these "offseason" pictures? The offseason of what?

You're from bulgaria, the fucking homeland of badass olympic weightlifting... good thing those guys dont have traps though, or they just woulnd't be very popular, let alone have a team to compete with. face palm


Time to cut out the fat. 175-180 is my guess for you to see abs. Maybe 190 if I'm way off.


agreed..i don't understand this attitude towards something that will undoubtedly improve you're overall appearence. unless you just want to be a strong guy and not look good.


you referring to the traps or the bodyfat? Since he said its the end of the off-season, I'm assuming he's going to trim down, especially since he said his bf wasn;t that bad for an off-season end.

The traps will REALLY improve his look, maybe he's afraid he'll get a bull neck if he thickens his traps, that doesn't happen.


i was referring to his reluctance to work his traps. of course he could also use quite a lot of slimming as well.