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Off-Season, WS4SB, or Jump Bible


Hey guys!

What do you think is the mosre efficient for someone looking to improve his athleticism in a short period of time?

I read all of them, but I can't really decide which one is the one helping an athletes vertical the most?



jump bible


In Kelly's articles and in the VJB he says you should be able to squat at least 1.5x bodyweight before beginning reactive (plyo) training. So if you can't do that, then do Westside for Skinny Bastards or Designer Athlete (another free program except by Mike Robertson).

I actually just made a thread asking whether people prefer Westside for Skinny Bastards or Designer Athlete so check that out if you can't decide.


I agree. If you can squat 1.5x your bw then definitely VJB, if not WS4SB.

I can squat about 1.75x bw and increased my vertical by a about an inch pretty quickly by using the VJB.


which program did you do?


I'm up to about 2.3xBW, still not the vertical I liked to have...thats why I'm asking


I did the first 5 weeks of the intermediate full reactive workout. It was exactly what I needed. I'm kicking myself about not starting it earlier in the off-season since now that I'm back at school I have to do another trainers agility workouts.

If you can squat 2.3x bw this should pick your reactivity right up and send you jumping through the roof. Its a great program.


Even if you don't have a squat of at least 1.5 your bw kelly's novice strength training program is exactly what you need and could really help you boot your strength.Ps remember to squat deep, as in below parallel