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Off-Season Training


What do you guys do for off season Trianon after a meet. How long do you guys do your off season training for and is it worth it to train in the off season?


First thing to consider is that the “off season” isn’t a thing like it is in other sports. There’s no powerlifting season. I understand the term to refer to training when you’re beyond a certain point out from a meet, but there’s no standardized definition or anything.

Second, “is it worth it to train in the off season?” As in, should you stop lifting weights if you do not have a meet scheduled? No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. As Mike Tuchscherer says, “progress is made in months and lost in weeks.”

In general though, outside of meet peaking, I think more bodybuilding-type work, and a heavy emphasis on close variations (e.g., SSB Squat, Snatch-grip dead,) are good ideas. Everything depends on the overall training philosophy though. Too broad a question to answer more squarely than that.


A mini focus on mobility/stability/conditioning for 2-4 weeks works pretty well right after a meet. Nothing heavy, just lots of reps, single limb, single joint, etc.

Then just go back to training with an emphasis on hypertrophy that dwindles into specificity as you get closer to a meet.


Offseason is supposed to be generally about bringing up weaknesses. For most I just believe that should mean bringing up a lagging lift rather than muscle groups and such. If you have a lift that is hindering your total you should work that lift with more focus while “maintaining light gaining” on the others you are good at.

For me, I do very little assistance. I train the big three mostly. Sometimes close variations of the lift (block pulls/pause squats/pause bench, etc) I also tend to keep the weight somewhat lighter and rep ranges a little higher.