Off Season Training Program

ok everyone, i just typed a mile long question and it got deleted so im gonna ask one question at a time instead of like 10 this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Stats:

155-160 lbs
Bench: 185x2
Squat: probably 225x5-10? (sux i know)
Deadlift: probably around 215 for a max

I havent worked out w/ weights much since before football season (august), back then my stats were:
170 lbs
Bench: 200x3
Squat: 245x20
Deadlift: never tested but i would guess around 250, best ever was trap bar deadlift 285x5 with crappy form

i think that with a few weeks of serious trainign i could be back up to those numbers in no time.

My goals by track season (may) are basically to match those august stats, tho if i can get stronger it would certainly be nice, but being 170 again shouldnt be a problem because i am going to start taking creatine and i should gain around 10 lbs of just water, that is what happened last time i took it. I am wondering what kind of program(s) i should use between now and then?

I was thinking maybe Art of Waterbury, SOB Training, ABBH, EDT, or just a generic strength training program, such as 5x5, what do you guys think? any sample programs would be extrememly helpful but any fingers in the right direction would be helpful, as well as any experiences that you’ve had with any programs that you may suggest. the above programs arent what i am dead set to choose between, they are merely ideas that i’ve had bouncing around in my head, id love to hear other ideas.

One more thing, what do you think are realistic strength gains i can make by track season? i believe that i am back at the “Newbie Gains” stage because i havent worked out for a long time, but i may be worng, thanks again for any input.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Timmy 89

Well, maybe you should scrap the creatine for some Whey or Surge if you think that you only gained “water weight”. It would be better to gain 2 pounds of muscle instead of 10 pounds of water weight simply because your Strength to bodyweight ratios would be better, resulting in more speed and explosiveness. As for programs, 5*5 is good, and think about WS4SB by Defranco or Designer Athletes by Robertson.

And, in 6 months (until May, right?), you can easily add 80 to 100 pounds to your Squat, Dead, and Bench.

i also have whey, cant order anything online so no Surge :frowning: no credit card, but on creatine yes i gained abunch of water weight really quickly but i also gained strength so i am sure some of it was muscle. I have thought about designer athletes as well…

4 weeks 5x5 to get strength back up
8 weeks of Designer athletes
4 weeks of EDT
4 weeks of 5x5 again?

i have until the end of April, because track starts the first week of may, so 5 months, would the above schedule work, or does anyone have any better ideas? maybe 4 weeks 5x5, 8 Weeks Designer, 8 Weeks EDT?? im open to any and all suggestions