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Off-Season Sprinter Cycle?

So I am starting to do research for a cycle that would start next summer at the earliest, maybe 2 years from now. This is not something I want to rush into. I have spent a lot of time reading all the articles here and on meso-rx.com. But admittedly, a lot of it is over my head, so I am hoping to get some clarification or be pointed in the right direction.

A little background on myself first:
6’2", 182lbs, 10%bf. 4 years infrequent/inconsistent/uneducated training, 1.5 years hard, T-Nation educated training, 1/2 year training legs consistently. Run 4.5 40, 11.1 100, with pretty much no speed training except for the last 6 months. No coach, just my own training. My body responds best to low volume, high intensity training. I use Defranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards Training for the Upperbody on Monday/Thursday and a Kelly Baggett program for speed: Squats, Sprints, Jumps Tuesday/Saturday in low volume.

My Diet is a very clean bulk, as I am looking to eventually get to around 200-215, depending on what speed will allow.

I am needle-phobic, so an all oral cycle is a must. I am looking for a boost in my strength and speed that will yield the least negative side effects, as far as androgenic side effects (gyno, acne, edema) are concerned. Muscle mass gain is a benefit but not a necessity. I also play soccer so I would prefer that my endurance not be compromised.

If someone could point me into the right direction as to orals that will focus more on strength than on size as well as having low androgenic side effects, that is my first question. What types of cycles and stacks should I research to maximize these benefits?

Secondly, should I up my calories, lower my calories, or keep them the same. I hope to already be at my desired sprint weight, or should I overcompensate and use AAS to help facilitate leaning out as well as strength gains?

Finally, should my training volume/intensity increase/decrease?