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Off-Season Routine Tips

Hi. I am currently a college student at the University of Miami. I’m looking for tips on how to construct a program that will increase my lean mass, and improve overall body composition and strength. While I’m in an “off season” from training since i just got settled down here in college. If I could somehow manage to fit in some GPP, so my physical preparedness doesn’t go straight to hell that would be nice too. I’m posting this here because im a combat athlete, but I’m interested in adding some bodybuilding aspects - hopes I posted this in the right place.

Background on me -
I’m 18 years old and come from a heavy martial arts background. I’ve competed in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and karate. I’m about 6’ 190 pounds between 8-12% body fat not really sure (Visible abs, but not shredded). I’m coming off of a pretty bad back injury - sport related - stemming from a slight lordotic curve, and un-even hips (left hip forward) caused by weak hamstrings and tight hip flexors.

(I’m basically self diagnosed from days on the internet spent researching - the doctors, PT’s and alt. medicine people i went to told me i had “normal muscular/skeletal pain associated with high levels of activity” here take some ibuprofen and sit on heating pad - bunch of quacks)

I’ve since straightned myself out - literally with my own PT program I’ve developed. Unfortunately as a result most of my focus lately has been PT related and I’ve almost forgotten how to train. Im ready to start again but im kind of lost. I have a few lagging body parts, mainly triceps, hamstrings, but my back could probably be a little thicker too.

Any advice you guys could give me would be awesome, anything from training regimes you think would work well, tips - anything. Thanks.

Haha. You managed to build your own PT program to fix muscular imbalances, but you don’t know how to lift to gain mass?

Talk about building the roof before the house.

Either way, start off with something basic like Waterbury’s TBT, which I always liked. That will get you back into lifting again and put some mass on, then you can switch to a more bodybuilder specific program if you wish after twelve or fifteen weeks.

TBT? I’ll look into that.
And I would argue that fixing the imbalances would be building the house. Its really more that I’ve never focused on mass before, whereas for the past 9 odd months I’ve been PT focused.