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Off-Season Routine for Grappling?



here's a rather general question:

My judo season finished last week and after a week off I'll embark next week on a 4-week lifting routine. The goals are maximal strength (primary) and hypertrophy (secondary). I'll also include some rehab work to get rid of some nagging smaller injuries that have accumulated during the season.

This would be followed by a two week vacation, after which I'm thinking about doing a second 4-week cycle with the same goals in mind.

After the second 4-week cycle my season preparation kicks in - mostly conditioning oriented.

I know there are virtually hundreds of routines on T-Nation, but I was wondering if any of you guys who were in a similar situation have any suggestions/recommendations for routine selection during those 4-week cycles.

My initial thoughts are Dan Johns OLAD during the first 4 weeks, and WSSB during the second 4 weeks.

Any other suggestions or ideas?

Thanks in advance.


How about something nice and simple, like this?

Day 1
Power Clean 5x5
Overhead Press 5x5
Pull-up 5x5
Overhead Squat 3x8

Day 2
Squat 5x5
Bent-over Row 5x5
Dips 5x5
Full-Contact Twist 3x8

Day 3
Deadlift 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Chin-up 5x5
Weighted Decline Situp 3x8

Use this for 4 weeks. Now the second 4 weeks, drop the reps down to triples, try 6x3. After 2 weeks, drop down to doubles, 8x2. For each rep bracket your goal is to increase the total tonnage per lift during each session (sets*reps*load).


If you're not doing anything else, I suggest the Waterbury Method and Quattro Dynamo. Great programs for strength+hypertrophy.


I would go for Westside Skinny Bastards the whole time. I am a combat athlete and it has brought me tremendous gains.