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Off Season Plan Advice? Focus on Back, Shoulders, Arms


So I never placed at nabba this year and think my weak areas are my arms for sure my back and shoulders what do you guys think ? I plan on hitting everything twice a week apart from legs now I know I will get alot of hate for that lol , but in proportion to the rest of my body my legs over power everything . I normally train in a 5-8 rep range as I enjoy it but I am starting to think that my lagging areas are properly lagging due to them being slow twitch dominant and me never training above 8 reps so will be adding 15 rep sets ,what do you guys think sound good ? pictures below .


Thats prety crazy. Its like a whole different person between the stage and the other pics.

On stage your legs look really smooth with almost no definition and the other pics they’re hulked out like a whole different body part. Then there’s that crazy proportion thing that must be happening with the angle of that one pic, and a blurry smudgy look on a few parts when I blew up the pic.

Its very interesting to say the least. Must be the tanning and lights or something.


I don’t know why you would expect hate from hitting weak points twice per week. Every off season I had between shows, I doubled up on legs and chest work, both being perceived weak points. So long as my diet was locked in, and I got adequate rest, I saw continually progress year after year.

Some of the poses/angles don’t exactly make it easy to discern how much your symmetry might be less than perfect, but as your quads do look quite good, I’m sure they’d be fine taking somewhat of a back seat for a while.



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