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Off Season Pics of 70s Bodybuilders


Is it me or are there no offseason pics of 70s bodybuilders or is there. Did they look like that year round. Everytime I see Pumping Iron I wnder what they look off season?


Why would they take pictures for public viewing when they are looking their worst? No bodybuilder looks just like they do during contest day in the off season. Most trainers in general wouldn't pureposefully pass out photos of themselves when they are carrying the most body fat.


I agree. Im just saying in a world where the media is out of control and now with the internet I would assume there would be access to some off season pics of 70's bodybuildrs. Its not like the hid in dark rooms or trained on a remote island. Just wonder how much differnace there is off season in the old days vs now.


They were often fatter then in the off season. Arnold's nickname was "smooth". He had very little definition in the off season (especially when Weider first got a'hold of him) and many pictures have him looking much smaller than when he was preparing for a contest as far as muscle mass. Because of media access today, there are more pictures of today's bodybuilder's available. New media access doesn't mean we can go back in time and take more pictures of past bodybuilders. There weren't many pics at all of them in the off season.