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Off-Season Oly Lifting Summer Training

Hey guys,

I’m currently on break from my Oly lifting for the summer but wanna do some training for fun and a little bit of aesthetic stuff but come September i’ll be getting back into the routine.

NOTE: I repeat I do not want to stick with a pure Oly lifting program for the summer as I tend to use my summer training for more enjoyment/maitenance purposes while maintaining my shape. I would like to adapt some Oly lifting principles to keep myself prime though.

However I’ve drafted up a little something, but am unsure of it and am wondering what you guys think in terms of whether this is a viable program for Two-a-day training. (I got like an hour and a half for lunch). I’d also like to focus on lowering my weight class to the 88kg weight class from the 93kg.

Keep in mind these workouts are strength workouts (Max reps are like 6 or 7) and with sets of 6-10 not including warm up. I will only be in the gym for like 40-45 minutes.

Monday A.M.: Deadlift variation
Power Olympic Lift (Either P.snatch or P. Clean)

   P.M. Heavy Pull Exercise (Heavy T-bars, Pull-ups etc..)
        Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk or Snatch)
        Reverse Hypers 

(I have a muscle imbalance in which my quads are far over-powering my hamstrings, causing my petallar tendon to tear so I have to strengthen my hamstrings up quickly or I will no longer be able to do… anything with my knees. Similar to Osgood Shlatters(used to have as child)/Jumpers Knee)

Tuesday A.M.: Front Squats
Bench Press
Lumberjack Squats (wanted another leg exercise and this one is just fun to do)

   P.M. Leg Press
        Incline Dumbbell Press
        Push Press or P. Jerk


Now note: Here’s where im looking for advice. I’d like to have 3 more workouts from Thurs: AM & PM and a Friday AM (no PM) but am not sure how to spread them out. Once again, goals = fat loss + gain/maintain strength

If u need to gain hamstring strength dont front squat, thats all quads, hit in some heavy leg curls, and stiff legged deads will do nicely, drop all quad work besides regular squats for now till they even out then u can do quad work but if ur quads grow while ur trying to even them out i think ur just going to hurt urself

I’ve found doing the regular squats, the following day my knee is in excruciating pain and it makes stairs difficult. It could be a form issue I don’t know, but for that reason I have been sticking with front squats. I am more of a longer limbed then a longer torso build.