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Off Season Maxx Charles


Finally pro.


Max Charles - Super Heavyweight Men - 2013 USA Championships



Saw his pics this weekend. He looked great. Made some good imoroments. Great structure.


Something about him just does not strike me as wow worthy as other guys. I cant put my finger on it because everything I think it might be he has pretty good. Only thing may be his wheels but he's really solid for a new pro.


One of the reasons I like him is his legs aren't disturbingly huge


I am not sure that is it. If someone walks by at work and sees me so closely inspecting pics of a large man in a speedo rumors are going to get started but I still cant figure out what it is about his physique that just isn't appealing to me.


You have to jerk and clean them for thinking you might be gay. That will show them.

Dude looks pretty jacked. His arms seem to be lacking vs other pros, but definitely proportionate to the rest of his body.


He looks impressive enough to me.

Seeing him here really makes it stand out.


Yeah, his front and back pics I find far more impressive than his pics from the side. Maybe its something to do with his arms. Like I said, I really don't know what it is. From an analytical stand point I cant find what is causing me to not have the response to him that I do to a lot of guys his similar size. Who knows....


Hammer Strength built some of that.

The horror.

Dude has plates hanging off the bars.


Walking around condition would impress most people.


Maxx Charles back.


He looks more impressive off stage near contest condition.


In the line up pics from the show he was the clear winner. Size shape symmetry and condition. All on point


Don't get me wrong X, I am not saying that what he has done with his body isn't impressive. I mainly am talking about impressive compared to others at his level.

Like a young Phil Heath when he was just turning pro 04-05 I think, I remember being in awe of him.

Edit: He is one guy who definitely looks better to me in his not quite stage shape than on.


He is just the closest to what I think is "ideal" for what I am going for.

I like guys like Kai Greene, but there is no way in hell I could ever get close to that in this life time...plus, at that size, while I respect it, just isn't what I am going for.


MORE Hammer Strength???


If you are talking about a physique to shoot for, then hell yeah that would be an achievement. I guess I thought we were just critiquing a pro's physique. Which I am all over the map on.


Lol yeah 2 hammer strength exercises. I'm sure he only uses machines :wink: